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Causation Of Female Gang Involvement Essay

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Many years of research have gone into studying why youth turns to gang involvement. A sector of this population has only recently been a focus of any study at all and that is the female. From the authors De La Rue, Espelage research they estimate that female gang membership is anywhere from 10 to 35% of the total gang population (De La Rue, Espelage 2014 pg. 1). There are many pieces that drive females to join the gang lifestyle. There are three major causes that drive females to gang involvement; family influences, relationship drives, and prior victimization.
Being born into the gang life proves nature verses nurture and the family has an impact on what an individual will become. Many ...view middle of the document...

2009. Pg. 278). This shows growing up in a gang the child will associate a blood bond between themselves and their gang on the grounds of how much of their family is involved. Risk factors that contend with a females family is that it can leave her in a vulnerable state as the result of the men around them take advantage of the females at weaker states. Many of the females who are in gangs have been the victims of many levels of abuse throughout their life and they believe if they turn to gangs for additional support.
Conflict within families drives females into the grasps of gangs for the reason that the female is looking for a group to protect and provide support for them. From the authors De La Rue, Espelage: “Research specific to female gang members has shown that family risk factors, including poor parental supervision, and high levels of family conflict, have been linked to an increased risk of gang involvement…” (De La Rue, Espelage 2014 pg.3). This quote explains how family conflict can lead into a female being at a higher risk of joining a gang. Conflict with the family can lead a female to want to leave their parents households to be able to have independence from an abuse or rules. A point from the author Fleisher proves that, “Once independent of her family, a youth needs her peer network more than ever. Depending on network dynamics, youth can become part of power, influence, and social and affective support networks” (Fleisher. 2009. Pg. 278). Once the ties to her family are severed it leaves the female with a need to fill the empty space her family filled. This type need can lead to a female finding support she needs from gang members which leads to her being pressured into the gang as well. Now in Fleshers study also shows that female would join a gangs around the 13.9 years old and by 15.9 years old they are completely independent of their family (Fleisher. 2009. Pg. 278). Females are more likely to join a gang if they have family conflict as a result of they are driven away from their family at young ages and gang provide them a way as the age to become completely independent from their parents’ home. Family involvement also a major aspect of the effect that increases the risk of a female joining a gang.
The level at which a females family is involved has a lasting impact of her development throughout her life. Family involvement has a huge impact on a female’s development throughout their life. In the study conducted and analyzed by Florian-Lacy, Jefferson, and Fleming it showed the effect that family relations have on a youth. “… That youths with high gang affiliation had lower family relations score than those youths with low gang affiliation” (Florian-Lacy, Jefferson, and Fleming. 2012. Pg. 12). This directly show the impact that little family relations leads to higher levels of gang membership. Parents who have low level of family relations have lower levels of management and supervision over their daughters. “How...

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