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Cause And Effect: The Connect2 Complete Program

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At Owens Community College there is a course called ENG 090, which you learn more than just how to write but life experiences to who you can thank Bill Gates. He founded the Connect2Complete program which is his way of giving help to those, who might not be able to help themselves. On campus there is a food pantry, this is here so that no one has an excuse for not being able to complete their college work because of they are leaking household necessities. The C2C program sets up a group of civic ambassadors, student mentors, to help the students who go into their office and ask, they are willing to help the individual with any college problems they are having short of doing the work for you. In this program there are volunteering visit that involve the class in the community. The C2C program and the actual class work can improve your overall position in life and give up a sense of self-worth.
Volunteering gave me a sense of accomplishment. People love to feel good about themselves for completing little task or helping someone. Going to the Sparrow’s Nest made me feel good, seeing how happy the workers were when we were done. Being told by the employees that you did a good job, for what most people would look at and say I’m not doing, reinforces how great of an accomplishment you truly did. On our way out they had these huge smiles on their faces and thanking us over and over again really showed how bad they wanted our help. When we went to the Maumee Bay Habitat for Humanity, seeing how grateful Don was gave me a feeling as if I actual made a difference. Seeing the sheer amount of work we had done made me feel as if we had accomplished something great. I mean Don told us, ‘That if we didn’t show up to help this would take him multiply days to do alone” and that would have been bad for him because the business was opening in about a week.
Lindsey, our classes Civic Ambassador, has given me many helpful tips about college. She showed me a video about what procrastination can do not only to your grades but the amount of stress it can cause in your everyday life. This definitely opened up my eyes to how bad my habit of...

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