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Cause And Effect : How Things Around You Effect Each Other History Essay

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English 1A
Struggles of being illegal
I was cleaning up the tables before my shift ended for the day. It was almost time for me to get ready for my afternoon class at San Joaquin Delta College. Before I had a job at an amazing restaurant, continued my education, or DACA, I had nothing. It started when I was completing my applications for colleges and scholarships in my senior year. Each application had one simple question that made me freeze. It asked if I was a citizen, permanent resident or none of the above. At first, I did not know which one to choose because it did not matter to me when I was younger. So I asked my parents, “What is my status in the United States?” Their answer to my question saddened me as I realized I was naive to think I was like everyone else. I am an illegal immigrant. Upon realizing I am an illegal immigrant in my senior year, it has affected my life in terms of school, my career, and my decisions.
My education became difficult to pursue as I became aware of being an illegal immigrant. If I wanted to continue my education, I had to overcome obstacles to pay all the costs of housing, tuition, and much more. For example, one had to pay for out of state tuition no matter if they were raised here in the United States all their life and never been to the country they were born in. The only hope to reduce the tuition was to get an approved waiver which helps nothing at all because it will set the same cost everyone is paying for college. Another issue as that if I applied for Dream Act, the only money I would receive is the state grant which would not be enough to even pay for tuition. Even applying for scholarships won't help at all because their number one requirement is to be a citizen or permanent resident which I was neither. I had to delay my education because I knew my parents and I would not be able to afford to pay everything. I couldn't continue my education yet.

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