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Bullying is a gesture, an electronic communication, a written or physical act that is reasonably perceived to have a negative effect. This means someone acting harshly to another person using any resource available. There are lots of different types of bullying, but there are three main types.
• Face-to-Face: this type of bullying is when a person says or does something that is hurtful or harsh to their face. They don’t hind behind someone or anything to try and disguise them self. This is the most common type with 70% of teens that are in grades sixth through twelfth.
• Anonymous bullying: this type of bullying is when a person says or does something hurtful to someone but they are disguised. They will have other people say it or pass notes. They will even gossip and tell everyone horrible things about you, and you will never know who it is.
• Cyber bullying: this is when a person bullies you through a social media account. They can use their actual account or use fake accounts. This is rapidly increasing as more and more Social Media are being created. The two most common types of social media are Facebook and Twitter.
Every school year, nearly one in three students is bullied. Out of these 64 percent of those bullied did not or have not reported it. Only 36 percent have actually reported being bullied. That is less than half of the children. Students reported that the most common reasons for being bullied are because of their looks (55%), body shape (37%), and race (16%). Suicide is the third most common types of death in the youth. Because of hurtful words and actions over four thousand children take their beautiful lives. Over half of the youth that decided to take their lives were being bullied. Bullying victims are about nine percent more likely to consider suicide.
Laws for bulling are different for each state and country. Although most states have laws against bullying not all of them have cyber bullying. The states where there are laws passed are usually the places that have had a great problem with it. The other states usually wait until there is something to be fixed, which is wrong because of the problems all around it should be a national law.

Kids bully for a variety of reasons. Some need to build themselves up by making others feel worse about their self. They do this because they have either been bullied themselves or they have seen someone do it and saw how it made them feel better. Usually the bully is bigger than the victim but that is not always the case. Sometimes it is more than more at a time and a group of people will surround a single person. Others bully because that is what they are used to at home or around them. If they always hear name calling and violence, then when they do the same it just feels normal. Unless they are taught differently then they will never know that what they are doing is a very hurtful and horrible thing.
The effects that bullying can have on someone is tragic. Some...

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