Cause And Effects Of Media Violence

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Every other day it seems there is another violent act occurring because of the media. Some people say it is entirely because of television. Others say it is because of the lack of responsibility of people. When the two young gunmen, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, killed 13 students and a teacher, and injured 21 before killing themselves in 1999, an ongoing, blazing debate about the media's influence was ignited. The 1999 Columbine High School massacre and extensive coverage of the issue by the media appeared to side with those who think that violence depicted graphically in movies and video games causes, contributes to, and influences violent behavior and even murder. Both Harris and Klebold ...view middle of the document...

This action plays a large part in the mind thinks. As they see it on the television, they write it down and are able to visualize the actions in their head. The two theories I have just spoken about place most of the blame on the media of the 21 century. In the paragraphs to come some alternatives to the reasons for violence from the media; however, they are still directly related to the violence media does cause.
According to the Catalyst Model, violence arises from a combination of inherited and early social impacts. According to this model, media violence is explicitly considered a weak fundamental influence. Specific violent acts are "catalyzed" by demanding environmental circumstances, with less stress required to catalyze violence in individuals with a greater violence tendency. As this theory places a larger part in inherited traits, it also states social impact, which in turn is what they watch on the media. As I spent 10 years in the United States Army, my now 22 year old brother was only 9 years old when 9/11 attack occurred. While I was overseas and able to communicate with him via video chat, his hostility toward the Middle Eastern descent population grew. When asked by a psychologist why the hatred he stated looks what CNN is showing. Those people killed other people for no reason. Social Impact does play a large part in how each one reacts to different situations. As the following theory is currently only a hypothesizes and has not been a proven fact.

Moral Panic Theory hypothesizes that concerns about news media are cyclical. In this view, a society forms a determined negative belief about a new act, typically not used by the powerful members of the society. Research studies and positions taken by doctors and legislators tend to confirm the pre-existing belief, rather than dispassionately observe and evaluate the issue. Ultimately, the panic dies out after several years, but ultimately reappears when yet another new act of violence is introduced. It was stated “A moral panic occurs when a segment of society believes that the...

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