Cause And Effects Of Spanish American War To The Cold War On American Isolation

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From the time of the Spanish American war until the beginning of the Cold War the United States went from relative isolation to increased global involvement because of 1 utopian thinking, 2 business expansion, and 3 changes in foreign policy. The consequences on American society of that greater involvement were 4 America’s development into an “international police power”.
Edward Bellamy’s book Looking Backward was a projection of American thinking at this time that compounded on widely held belief of millennialism. This book mainly focused on a fictional future utopia one that many Americans wanted to believe in and develop. In this fictional story “… all now enjoy the most favorable ...view middle of the document...

” He continued to explain that only nations, organized as equals, could maintain peace. This would lead to Wilson’s involvement in the peace talks between the rival nations in the First World War. These ideas of equality and peace lead to Wilson’s attempt to implement the Fourteen Point Plan. With the Fourteen Point Plan, many of the points in this plan were for the freedom of occupied states, the freedom of economic and political development, and the freedom to navigate international waters in peace and wartime, but perhaps the most important point was the last “[a] general association of nations must be formed under specific covenants” but this hopeful thinking was denied by the other countries at the peace talks and members of Congress in America.
Bellamy’s kind of utopian thinking was brought to a crashing end with the depression, with a third of Americans unemployed, and large business like U.S. Steel going from 225,000 employees in 1929 to 0 employees in 1933 it would almost be impossible for people to regain hope they once had, but the New Deal helped to stroke the flames of recovery. Then the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor sparked a fever to defeat the Japanese Empire. Then soon after these attacks, the United States declared war on Japan, Germany, and Italy. Beginning a new kind of utopian ideas, one were Democracy was the key and fascism was the evil not capitalism.
Business expansion helped the United States to influence the world like the Singer Sewing Machine Company. This company sold many of its products overseas to areas that the potential buyer could start his/her business and provide the household added income. The improved marketing strategies employed by this company greatly increased there marketability in foreign nations. The new installment buying would help the product reach the poor or impoverished adding another way for these people’s ability to increase wealth and start the climb out of poverty. This installment buying increased the Singer Company’s clientele. Installment buying brought back the Encyclopedia Britannica, in England at the time the book hardly moved off the shelves and two Americans with a bright idea of how to sell the book then turned it around and started to sell the “book by the ten thousand.” With this turn around many newspaper publishers started to bid for the favor of these Americans. Showing how much profit can influence ideas that people have.
Not only did the practices and tactics of American businesses create expansion but the American government helped to hold onto those gains. American policy makers used the best interest of American business expansion to create and draft new policies, to open up new markets in foreign countries. For instance the Open Door Policy was an American idea of that time which was submitted by the Secretary of the State, at the time was John Hay, on how the United States would like China to be handled. The statement called for equal treatment between the...

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