Cause And Effects Of The Endangered Species Becoming Extinct In The United States

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Pollution from human activities brings forth danger to the different species of animals and plants to become extinct. There are five threats examined in the authors’ researches; habitat destruction, pollution, alien species, farms, and disease. Over time, pollution, destruction, diseases have destroyed the natural habitats and homes of species such as birds, fish, plants, and animals. The science of how species become extinct come from the over harvesting of crops, which places a threat on our birds and plants due to the pesticide pollution. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) of 1973 was enacted by Congress to minimize treats and protect the endangered species. The United States face a dilemma when it comes to protecting the listed endangered species. Animals such as the bald eagle, Florida panther, gray wolf, grizzly bear, red-cockaded woodpecker, are just a few of the listed endangered species. Overview of threats is categorized in five types; habitat destruction, the spread of alien species, overharvest of farms, pollution and disease.
In Wilcove’s article, it is examined within the 50 states the four types of animals being discussed such as mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians with the possibility of becoming extinct or critically imperiled determined by The Nature Conservancy (TNC). David Wilcove states that, “A total of 2,490 imperiled species, subspecies, and populations fit these criteria” (Wilcove, Rothstein, Dubow, Phillips, & Losos, 1998, p. 607). In response, within these 2,490 animals at risk the science of these problems is that their home is destroyed, and when introduced to a new environment they cannot adapt to the normal life in the same manner. Native animals cannot compete with the new species discovered and become extinct because they are taken away from their old environment to a new one. Pollution from oil, gas, pesticide, and human waste can quickly harm the environment and kill off the animals with the toxic. Animals tend to eat other prey or plants, so when food is intoxicating, disease and toxic continue to spread and kill.
Being that there is lack of important biological information missing from past researches and data on the possible future impacts of habitual destruction, pesticides, and alien species and overview of the results on Wilcove’s findings are unknown. In table 1 of Wilcove’s research method information was obtained on the threats for 1880 of the 2490 species. That was 75% of the species; over half which was a good starting progress for conducting this research. In results the database revealed the major threats and investigates the species vulnerability to particular threats. David Wilcove and his team focused their research on the effects of all plants, and animals, including distinguishing between vertebrate and invertebrate, terrestrial and aquatic species. I feel that they should have taken their time and focus on one particular study and species to gather information. For instance I would have...

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