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Cause Effect Essay Consequences Of Too Many Cats

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Cause Effect Essay - Consequences of Too Many Cats

We have five cats that live in our house. This was not our original plan, but it turned out that way. My family got two tortoiseshell-colored kittens, Kit-Fat and Minkie when I was nine and my sister was seven. Two years later, we were preparing to move to the country, and our pastor's daughter had three kittens to give away. Our pastor convinced us that we needed cats outside in the country. At that age, Risa and I were greatly in love with kittens. Subsequently, three tabby kittens named Duff, Muff, and Buff came to live with us.

But alas, our move was delayed and these adorable fluff balls lived inside for the next six weeks. When we finally moved, the whole family was too attached to these kittens to out them outside and subject them to the dangerous world. Therefore, we became a household with five cats. To this day, we are still reaping the consequences of that choice.

Occasionally, there is an article in the newspaper about a house where the people have many cats and do not care for them. The cats are allowed to take over the home and a severe mess results. This is obviously the extreme result of having too many inside cats. However, even in households where the cats are well taken care of, problems can result from a profusion of inside cats.

The biggest problem with a multiple cat household is the interaction between the various cats. Many problems stem from this interaction. Cats can be very territorial creatures. In a multi-cat situation, there is also a pecking order and a dominant cat. We have four females and only one male, so our male naturally became the dominant cat. This caused a problem because before Duff came, our oldest female was dominant. Duff wrested dominance from her; as a result, she has always hated him.

Cats act out much of this type of anger on the carpet in the house. Inappropriate elimination is the worst problem that multi-cat households have to deal with. We had to replace our family room carpet due to the constant urination on it. Over the course of the years, we have caught four of our five cats urinating outside their litter boxes.

The effect of a male cat upon the house can be unpleasant. Our male is neutered, but due to being the dominant cat over four females, he feels the need to mark his territory. Every once in a while, he will hose down a wall. Usually he will pick a wall in the laundry room, or else he will mark the corners in the family room.

Finally, we have gotten this problem under control by not allowing the cats free run of the house. This restriction was the only way to solve the problem., and it has worked. Our cats are only allowed free run when someone is in the family room. At all other times, they are confined in the laundry room, or workroom, or they are in either my bedroom or my sister's bedroom.

Many smelly cat litter boxes is another effect of having many cats. This is one of the most unpleasant aspects...

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