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Phillip Zimbardo, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, engineered “The Stanford Prison Experiment: A Simulation Study of the Psychology of Imprisonment Conducted August 1971 at Stanford University.” It was created only for college students in lectures at Stanford University. Zimbardo’s central idea was “to create a functional simulation of a prison, not a literal prison” (¶ 13). During the experiment an event called counts was administered. The guards would wake up the prisoners and make them repeat their individual numbers over and over, for memorization. The counts issued at night by the guards worked to enslave the prisoners, but empower the guards.
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The guards initiated developing the habit of conducting the counts and asserting their authority over the prisoners. If a prisoner disobeyed a guard or a rule then a guard would make the prisoner do push-ups, the guards would even step on the prisoners back in some cases. Almost every person who volunteered to go into the experiment was conforming to their assigned roles.
The prisoners were becoming more frantic and desperate to escape. The guards started gaining an appetite for the discipline used against the prisoners. During the experiment there was one full rebellion, a mass escape plot that stayed as just a rumor, and the last little rebellion. During the first rebellion, Zimbardo says that, “The prisoners removed their stocking caps, ripped off their numbers, and barricaded themselves inside the cells by putting their beds against the door” (¶ 22). The guards would not have any of this nonsense for long. They quickly came up with a way to get in there, straightened everything out, and came up with a punishment. The last rebellion was carried out by...

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