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Chrislam, mostly influenced by Shamsuddin Saka, has been gaining a stronger religious power since the 1990s. Now, several well known Christian ministers, such as Rick Warren, Glenn Beck, Brian McLaren and Jim Wallis are adding more fuel to the fire by agreeing that both Christians and Muslims are equally the same in many aspects. These ministers and imams, Islamic teachers, agree that both religions have similar beliefs in the ultimate reality, other spiritual beings, the virgin birth, a second coming, and heaven and hell. This has angered many strong believers in the Christian faith that their own religious leaders are turning against what the Bible said and accepting a religion that was ...view middle of the document...

This is causing some Christians to join in the movement and allow Chrislam to spread like an infectious disease.
The conjoining of Christianity and Islam is an example of one of many signs that indicates the rapture is drawing nigh. Though it is unpredictable when the rapture may occur, there have been signs of the coming, according to some Christian studies. Chrislam is what is considered as the religion that would eventually bring every religion together. The ‘One’ religion was an interpretation of what the Bible considered as the religion that would deceive the world and be a start to the rapture. Of the many signs, several have been supposedly fulfilled, while others have yet to come, however Chrislam is an ongoing sign. By letting Chrislam spread further into the world, more people will continue to believe in the early arrival of the apocalypse and cause a greater disturbance than what has established.
Chrislam calls for the commonality of Islam and Christianity which is impossible to achieve with the many differences. Even though both religions have some supposed similarities the virgin birth, a second coming, and heaven and hell, the differences are far more greater. Islam has only one true prophet, denies that Jesus died and rose again, ignores the holy trinity and the Qur’an is non-canonical. But as stubborn as some people are, they will continue to believe Islam and Christianity are the same. Other religions will see this combination of Christianity and Islam, and try to squander their ways into making it seem that their own religion is the same as both Christianity and Islam. Mislead ministers will then slowly begin to accept other religions into Chrislam and create a religion that could sound like a great religious view. People will then join in the religious movement and see a new apocalyptic event that would be even more dangerous than Chrislam itself.
Chrislam creates a stronger feud between the Christian and Islam communities. The similarities of the religions are not enough to make Chrislam viable. Chrislam misguides people into believing in a religion that accepts both sides of a religious war. It allows for people to fall deeper into believing that the world is coming to an end even more quickly. Other religions then see loop holes into joining this religious movement creating a deeper path to a darker story and life. People have been lied to for far to long and now Chrislam is justing adding to the lies. This draws more people just like moths are attracted to the...

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