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Cause For Hope Essay

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What is your cause for hope? Late one night, after finishing the book Looking For Alaska by John Green, that one question continued to ring in my ears. What is my cause for hope? Over the past few years as I have struggled with internal battles, one question I always remains: Why continue? Last year, I hit my low point. After numerous external conflicts, I had suddenly imploded. Instead of turning to Christ, I tried to handle all my struggles by myself. Within a month, I became suicidal, bulimic, and felt completely alone. I did not allow anyone in. I did not want help. Eventually, I faced the harsh reality: It was time to change. I reached out to my family and friends, revealed my ...view middle of the document...

Why have hopes when the end will crush them all? The reason, yet again, lies with Christ. Through his grace, not only did He save us in life, but also in death. The majority of kids who are raised in the church walk alway knowing at least one verse. From the time a child learns to speak, it is taught over and over again. However, that one verse which has been recited to the point of a chant, holds the most meaning. John 3:16 states, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” I think many lose sight of the promises this verse holds. I confess, I am one as well. I had forgotten what a great love God has for his children, for me. I had become so wrapped up in my own problems that I forgot who could solve them. I forgot the only one who could solve them: Christ. Since a young age, I have struggled with the unknown. In short, I never grew out of a child’s “why” phase. In Christianity, I have discovered that the “why” of certain subjects will not and cannot be answered. Instead of asking “why”, I must instead say, “thank you.” For, when the ultimate reason for hope is given, that is all that remains to be said.
Through these two revelations, I came to a realization. I am significant. I do not mean this in a self-important manner. I mean much the opposite, as I am significant because I have been made in the...

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