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Causes And Aftermaths Of The Russo Japanese War

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The Russo-Japanese became a turning point in the modernization of the modern world at a time of uncertainty in the 1900's. It marked the beginning war was a result of Russia and Japans desire for East Asian expansion. The war's end in Japanese favour brought particular recognition to Japan as a dominant world power at a time of tension and uncertainty during the 1900's. The Sino-Japanese war had great impact and was even thought to be a catalyst to the Russo-Japanese war. China had particular involvement in the war as it was mostly being fought on her soil and the obligations it had towards Russia made Japan's success even greater. MENTION LUSHUNThe Sino-Japanese war, fought between 1894 and 1895 helped establish Japan as a powerful military force and as such, proved to be a major precursor to the Russo-Japanese war. The Sino-Japanese conflict occurred as a result of conflicting interests in the control over Korea, which was traditionally a tributary kingdom of China , there was mixed public opinion as to whether Korea should be aided by the Japanese reformists or the Chinese traditionalists. The wars domination by Japan illustrated how successful it's rigorous modernization policy of the second half of the 19th century proved to be. Japan swept Korea driving the Chinese out in a matter of months and continued into Mainland China taking a large portion of Manchuria including Lu-Shun Peninsula. China realised its only hope was to seek peace and in 1895 the treaty of Shimonoseki was signed whereby Japan was to receive various territories including the Lu-Shun Peninsula together with an indemnity of 200 million taels (30 million pounds) . An assisting council for China was established to solve this crisis which included Germany and France, however the most important development was the role that Russia played throughout this time. The council advised Japan to hand back Lu-Shun Peninsula to China and after much negotiation Japan reluctantly agreed but for an additional indemnity of approximately 4 million pounds. Japan was aware that Russia was behind the supporting movement of China and believed it inevitable that it would try and seize Lu-Shun for it's self. In 1896 an anti-Japanese alliance was formed by Russia and China marking the official alliance of these countries against Japan. Japan cut all ties with these countries and a hostile relationship had formed. What had been a successful victory for Japan was lost on all counts, the foreign minister admitted in disappointment: 'in war we triumphed; in diplomacy we failed'. The Sino-Japanese war marked the beginning of Chinas obligations to Russia and later events including the lease of the Lu-Shun Peninsula to heightened the already immense tension between these two powers.Russia's interests in the far east, particularly northern China (Manchuria) led to conflicting interests and as such, a power struggle for land in which mutual interest with Japan was vested. Geographically, Russia's size and...

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