Causes And Costs Of Osteoarthritis Essay

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The problem is the increase of osteoarthritis in the United States. Throughout the years, the United States is seen to have an increase in osteoarthritis cases and hospital care costs. According to Murphy and Helmick (2012):
In 2006 and again in 2007 there were roughly 12.3 million ambulatory care visits and 85,000 ED visits associated with an OA diagnosis…in 2009 OA was the primary diagnosis for an estimated 921,000 hospitalizations, with a mean cost per stay of $45,443; this is more than double the number of hospital stays associated with OA in 1997-418,000 (Murphy and Helmick, 2012).
Osteoarthritis is a rising problem in the United States; with this rise, it is seen to increase number of hospital visits and costs of the visits. There are not that many interventions that help with the cost rising, but there are changes being made to help decrease the incidence of osteoarthritis.
Comments: The problem was stated in every aspect of this article. The problem was easily and clearly identified through research and reviews that were conducted by the authors. I think the authors did a very good job in communicating their research to the reader.
This review was completed to raise an awareness of the causes and costs of osteoarthritis. The authors want the reader to realize that, as time passes, incidences of osteoarthritis is increasing and so are the costs.
Comments: The authors included research to help the reader see a better picture of how osteoarthritis is becoming a bigger problem in the United States. The purpose was clearly explained in this article through examples and research.
The main objective, of this article, is to help broaden the knowledge of osteoarthritis among the society in the United States. Other objectives were used to notify one of the causes of osteoarthritis; it also allows the reader to see the difference of osteoarthritis among races and sexes.
Comments: The objectives, of this article, were identifiable throughout the article. I think the authors allowed the reader to see the objectives throughout, not just by using research, but by including other reviews over osteoarthritis.
The article included many literature reviews of other research conducted, regarding osteoarthritis. The authors reviewed other literature to research the increase of osteoarthritis in the United States. The reviews were used as research to provide a foundation for the article. “The National Data Workgroup (NADW) used the best available data to estimate that in 2005, 27 million U.S. adults ages 18 years and older had one or more type of clinical OA” (Murphy and Helmick, 2012).
Comments: The literature is current and relevant to this topic. The literature helped the authors give the reader a broader range of information, about osteoarthritis.
Research was done through other research that was conducted over osteoarthritis. The authors reviewed many pieces of literature. They researched studies through PubMed:...

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