Causes And Impact Of The French And Indian War

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Explain the causes and impact of the French and Indian War in terms of the new policies England imposed on its colonies in North America that eventually led to the American Revolution.There are several occurrences throughout American history which helped define this country. One of those memorable events was the battle between the English and French for primary supremacy over the North American continent, also known as the French and Indian War. This war was a tussle which eventually led to a successful endeavor by the British to achieve a central position in America and almost completely stripped the French of their claims in North America, the West Indies, and parts of India. The impact of this war greatly changed the American colonies in several meticulous areas.Britain and France, prior to the war, had always been rivals of one another and fought in century-long battles against each other. The French and Indian War erupted from conflicts over the control of the valuable fur trade, and the rich sugar production located in the West Indies. Throughout the war, both countries relied on military assistance from their colonists, and their Native American allies.The three major conflicts which triggered the French and Indian war were King William's War (1689 - 1697), Queen Anne's War (1702 - 1713) and King George's War (1744 - 1748). Following these series of wars, the last conflict between Britain and France for dominance over North America was known as the French and Indian War (1689 - 1763). It started as a struggle for control over the "middle ground" territory of the Ohio Valley. This "middle ground" between the French and English colonies in North America was subjugated by the Iroquois Confederacy.The Ohio Company, which gradually encouraged British expeditions to conquer the Ohio Valley, had received a grant from the King ordering traders and settlers into this 500,000 acre territory. In 1753, a leading member of the Ohio Valley and the Governor of Virginia provided George Washington with his first military mission. He carried with him a message to the French warning them abandon the vicinity. The French saw this as a threat to the profits of the fur trade and also their territorial claims of the vast Ohio and Mississippi River valleys. When George Washington defeated a small French force and built a parapet which became known as Fort Necessity, the French commanded a larger military, seized the fort and forced Washington into surrender....

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958 words - 4 pages The French and Indian War was a conflict in North America in which Great Britain fought France and their Native American allies. It lasted from 1756 until 1763, so it was also known as the Seven Years War. At the peace conference in 1763, the British received Canada from France and Florida from Spain, but permitted France to keep its West Indian sugar islands and gave Louisiana to Spain. The treaty strengthened the American colonies

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1240 words - 5 pages accompanying restrictions. However, this relationship was dramatically altered by the French and Indian War of 1764-1763. The course of the war itself significantly affected the political and ideological relationship of the colonials to their mother country, inasmuch as the colonists found the British imposition of restrictions and its hierarchical army to be repulsive to liberty, while the British saw the need for greater imperial control. However

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2005 words - 9 pages from outside enemies but ensured them of internal peace. The Iroquois Confederacy had a great impact in the war of the French and Indian war. The Seven Years' War (called the French and Indian War in the colonies) lasted from 1756 to 1763, forming a chapter in the imperial struggle between Britain and France called the Second Hundred Years' War. In the early 1750s, France's expansion into the Ohio River valley repeatedly brought it into conflict

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1290 words - 6 pages . The Ohio River Valley was a rich piece of land and good for growing crops. Both England and France wanted a large stake of this land. This land inhabited Indians. The friendship between the French and Indians dragged the Indians into the French and Indian war. Unfortunately, no matter what side won the French and Indian war the Ohio River Valley Indians would be negatively affected. The side that wins a war takes the spoils of war and in this case

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3378 words - 14 pages The Seven Years War, or sometimes referred to as the French and Indian war, took place in the year 1754 and finally came to a conclusion in 1763, just prior to the American Revolution. The French and Indian war is often a war that’s importance is overlooked throughout the history of America. The French and Indian war set the stage for the George Washington to become the most important American figure in history. The events and battles of the

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1336 words - 5 pages colonists. It is often seen as the source of much of the resentment between the English government and the colonists that eventually led to the American Revolution of 1775.The British victory in the French and Indian War had a great impact on the British Empire. Firstly, it meant a great expansion of British territorial claims in the New World. But the cost of the war had greatly enlarged Britain's debt. Moreover, the war generated substantial resenment

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1193 words - 5 pages enforced the navigation laws. Due to the war debts because of the French and Indian War, the British began to impose taxes on the colonist: the Sugar Act 1764, Quartering Acts 1765, and the Stamp Act 1765. The Sugar Act was the first law passed by Parliament to increase the tax revenue on foreign sugar, this led to other unfair taxes on the paper and stamps, other issues would be the fact that the colonist were forced to give up their homes and

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518 words - 2 pages defense of New France. Without Quebec, the French could not support their forts farther up the St. Lawrence River. Quebec was well secured, though.The city sat on the edge of the Plains of Abraham, on the top of a steep cliff high above the St. Lawrence. An able French general, the Marquis de Montcalm, was well prepared to fight off any British attack.THE FRENCH WINS!!! If the French had won the Seven Years War (The French and Indian War), it

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917 words - 4 pages Following dramatic events that may occur in any area comes even more notable and significant changes that may affect the entire world. During the French and Indian War of 1754- 1763, British, Native American and Colonial armies attacked and beat French and Native forces who were occupying territories in current day Canada and Midwest America. Consequently, the British Empire gained all of the French territories north of the original thirteen

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672 words - 3 pages Merry NguyenMichael StephensonAP U.S. History, P515 September 2014French and Indian War Effects - DBQ EssayFor many years, throughout the 17th century and 18th century, Britain maintained a neutral relationship with its American colonies. By upholding salutary neglect, the British policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws, the American colonies remained obedient to Britain. However, after the French and Indian War (1754-1763

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923 words - 4 pages like an unnecessary burden.The American Revolution had a huge variety of causes, but the French and Indian war was one of the biggest factors in making such a revolution possible. It showed the colonials numerous things that helped them start and win the war with England, including invaluable military experience for troops and leaders such as George Washington. Without such contributions, the American Revolution could have been impossible, or at

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1604 words - 6 pages The French and Indian Wars' Impact on America At the peak of Britain's prominence, it was said that the sun never sets on the British Empire. Many were enthralled under its wing of mighty protection and dare a country stand up to Britain and face the consequences. In 1755 the last of the great conflicts between the Britain and France broke out. Although initially proving its superiority, one of the main facets of the British Empire headed

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1563 words - 6 pages English empire, The French and Indian War is usually seen as the source of much of the animosity between the British government and the American colonists that eventually led to the American Revolution in 1775. Victory of the English in the French and Indian War had a great impact on the English Empire. Foremost, it certainly meant a most definite expansion of British territorial claims in the Americas. The most devastating effect and

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948 words - 4 pages In July 1755, a few miles south of Fort Duquesne, now Pittsburg where the Alegheny and Monongahela rivers meet, a combined force of French and Indians ambushed British and colonial troops. This catastrophe was to ultimately become the starting point of the French and Indian War. During the “Seven Years War”, as the French and Indian War is commonly called, there were wins and losses on both sides, but ultimately the British were victorious with