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Being rich does not always mean being happy, being skinny does not always mean being healthy, and being pregnant does not always mean a baby. A spontaneous abortion, or commonly known as a miscarriage is a loss of an embryo or fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy. One in five of all pregnancies result in a miscarriage. All women do not notice they are miscarrying; therefore, do not seek medical help when it occurs. There are multiple causes of a miscarriage and the effects are saddening.
There are multiple types of miscarriages. A threatened miscarriage is when bleeding from the uterus is occurring, but the fetus is alive and the cervix is closed. This type of miscarriage, along with an ...view middle of the document...

Similar to this, miscarriages also occur when the structure of the uterus or cervix of the mother is unfit or has a problem. Miscarriages are unlikely to occur again if they have an inherited genetic disease, which only affects the development of a specific sperm or egg. However, most often, the cause of the miscarriage is unclear.
Different from causes, there are many different actions that can increase the risk factor of having a spontaneous abortion occur. Smoking, for example, increases your rate of miscarrying by 50%! Is smoking that cigarette really worth the loss of the life of a baby? Age is a common factor; women who are younger tend to have less miscarriages than women who are older just due to chromosomal abnormalities being more common with increasing age. Other factors include infection, exposure to toxins, multiple pregnancy, and poorly controlled diabetes. Caffeine consumption of over 500mg a day actually increases the chance for a miscarriage as well. Therefore, the risks of miscarriage are increased if the mother does not protect herself and her baby from anything harmful. Most mothers would do anything they can to keep the baby and themselves as healthy as possible.
How must a woman feel after she believes she is going to be giving the miracle of birth in a couple months, only to find out that dream has been shattered like broken glass? The mother may feel like she has let not only herself down, but her spouse and family as well. Most women solely blame themselves for the miscarriage, disregarding the facts that miscarriages can be the body’s way of ending a pregnancy that has an abnormal development (Coping 1). Women can end up hating their bodies, blaming them for their cause of unhappiness. They feel like their body has failed at a skill that other women easily have the ability to produce. Most women become depressed, feel helpless, and enter a state of grieving.
According to the article, “Miscarriage” by a Harvard Health Publications group, “First trimester miscarriages may require you to stay home and rest for a few days while you have what
seems like a heavy period.” This shows the immediate causes of a spontaneous abortion include heavy bleeding along with all the grieving.
Coping is an eventual effect of a miscarriage. Most women seek support from their friends and family, however, others need the help of a therapist to get them through this difficult time. There are groups of people who have gone through similar situations such as pregnancy loss support groups. These can be extremely helpful because women are talking to other women who have actually experienced a spontaneous abortion just like them. This is more helpful because they actually understand how that woman is feeling and know what to say to hopefully motivate her out of depression. Commonly, couples of the decease baby will do something to honor and cherish the baby such as plant a tree in their honor or hold a memorial service. Coping is extremely...

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