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Causes And Effects Of Social Problems Among Teenagers

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Nowadays there are so many news regarding social problem involving youngster. In fact it has become a norm to read articles about teenagers’ issue. We should realize that problem involving young generations is actually a huge problem to the nation as they will become our leader. Early prevention is better than cure, thus we need to identify the reason why this problem is happening and what are the consequences from this teenager social problem.

One of the reasons why teenagers are involved in social problems is lack of love from the parents. Parents who are busy with works and neglect their children, makes it easier for their children to involve in activities that are harmful and ...view middle of the document...

Family will become so ashamed with their behaviour. Unplanned pregnancy can also lead to abortion. Abortion is an act of killing an innocent soul which is very dangerous to the baby and the teenagers themselves.

Besides, social problems among teenager can lead to depression too. According to Social Problems Among Teenagers (Fizyaa, April 3, 2008), depression is the result of environmental influence or chemical imbalance or both. Teenagers who are depressed will not do well in school and also can get bad grades because they cannot stay focused and understand what the teachers or lecturer said. Depression can also lead to loss of appetite. They will become stressed out and does not want to eat anything. It will make them feel sick. Being sick becomes an obstacle to have normal lifestyle as they could not do anything they like, such as doing sports or cooking. So, they will become sad and gloomy. Suicide is the worst thing depression can lead to. This is because depression can make them think the negative sides. So they will feel useless and do not want to live in this world anymore. Feeling unneeded makes suicide is the...

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