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Causes And Effects Of Teen Cyberbullying

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More and more teenagers are often using the internet to communicate with their family and friends, however, as much as parents wish the internet could always be a happy, positive place for our children to communicate it is not always the case. In 2011, Youth Risk Behavior surveillance found that 16% of high school students (grades 9-12) were electronically bullied. There are many causes that push a teenager to attack through cyber bullying, and the causes behind the teenage attacker are just as important as the effects cyberbullying can have on the teenage victim. Cyberbullying has become a highly discussed issue in society, and people who study cyberbullyingfind it hard to study the ...view middle of the document...

Studying the causes of the attacker and the effects the attack has on the victim can make parents more aware to look for signs of cyber bullying whether our child is the attacker or the victim, and how to help them overcome the situation before it goes too far. 
Second, I looked at the causes behind what could push a teenager  to attack another teenager through electronic technology, and  the causes behind the victim's attack are just as important as the effects the attack has on the victim. Often times, teenagers say things online that they wouldn’t normally say in person.Most, often,cyberbullying messages are anonymous because the attacker can create fake emails, or profiles to attack or embarrass the victim. Therefore, the attacker leaves no trace and can still leave a lot of damage to the victim. Studies show that the attacker could lack social or decision-making skills, the attacker may not understand the consequences behind what they write or post, the attacker could be unskilled in dealing with conflict, or the attacker may not know how to cope with stress in a healthy way. This list isn't every cause behind a cyberbullyingattack, but as a result when we mix teenagers together that don't have these skills with teenagers that do it can cause bullying type situations. Cyberbullying has become a very popular way to bully in high school, as it makes it easy for an unattended teenager to cause hurt in their victim's life. If you catch the attack in time, the attacker could get help for their actions, as well as it could prevent damaging effects on the victim. 
Third,  the effects of cyber bullying attacks are similar to victims who are bullied in person. The cyberbullying effects that take part on the victims are heartbreaking because teenagers should focus on getting a good education, creating interpersonal relationships, and preparing themselves for college, but cyberbullying can make that seem impossible to most victims. First, the biggest and most heartbreaking effect that cyberbullying can have is when the victim commits suicide. The attacks make the teenager feel so lonely and unable to get away from the mess created so they end their own lives. This effect alone should have every parent watching their teenagers electronic technology use. This effect is also a consequence for an attacker because they have to live with their victim's suicide the rest of their lives and may need counseling. Second, is the effect that cyberbullying can cause depression which depression in teenagers is a whole other issue that can also lead to suicide. Third effect I'll be talking about today is that cyberbullying can scare a teenager away from focusing and getting a good education, as the teenager becomes unwilling to go to school so they don't have to face their attacker. Some final effects that I found in my studies were that the victims may use alcohol or drugs, they may receive poor grades, they may have lower self-esteem, or even more health issues....

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