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Causes And Effects Of Teenage Rebellion

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There are many reasons to why some people in their teenage years rebel against an elder person. I myself am 18 years old and personally, I can relate to the term that is “teenage rebellion”. I believe the main reasons to why teenagers rebel against their parents or an elderly are hormones, movement and parents that are overly too kind to their kids.

Firstly, everyone has gone or will go through the teenage rebellion phase. No matter how good of a person you think you are, you have probably rebelled against an elder person at least once. Once hormones have revealed it-self, children turn into confused young adults that think they can do everything by themselves and that there will be no longer any need of nurture from adults. The word “young” from “Young adults” are what teenagers completely ignore, when actually they should do the opposite and ignore the “adults” part.
Furthermore, this causes infliction between teenagers and adults, especially their parents. Once they have the courage of saying “no” with consciousness to what they are ordered to do, they come across a feeling, a feeling of being big and powerful. Because of that, teenagers then only focuses on their new discovery of rebelling against adults and are, metaphorically speaking, injected with ego. Adding on to that, when we were kids, we would say no but we said the word unconsciously. We haven’t fully understood the term rebel that is portrayed through our actions. Now, I am not saying that everyone is like this when they were teenagers but I am certain that everyone has said no to their parents or an elder at least once.

Secondly, when kids turn into teenagers, they also tend to be somewhat more aware of their surroundings and are most attracted to whatever movement there is that seems rebellious. Due to that, teenagers see the movement that they follow as a way of living and let it overtake their life. No matter what social group a teenager is best fit with. Weather you are an athlete, music lover or a gamer, you will follow those social groups as a religion. For example, if you are a “jock” or should I say an athlete, you will most likely not care about anything else but sports and even if you are failing in class, as long as you are doing good and getting the attention from everyone on the field or court, that is what matters to you most. No teacher in school and not even your parents, can tell you what to do and when they try, all that comes to mind is “it is my life”. Also, if you are a music lover, you...

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