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Causes And Effects Of School Stress

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A significant percentage of college students spend their time on campus with a lot of stress. This is due to a tight schedule that requires them to balances class time, assignments, tests, projects and extra curriculum activities. Other students are attached to the corporate world notably adult education offered in our campus. The working lot fined it challenging to meet extra workload in their courses. The final exams have a difficult feeling for the candidates due to anxiety of passing. Cheating has become a modern trend in college life with 32% of students admitting that they have practices unethical conducts in their college life. College life has turned into a competitive field which has to be balanced on the pay slip when creating a budget. Even though life is full of stressing situations, experts argue that college life has emerged as a major cause of stress to students. Stresses can be limited or overcome once we understand the major roots of its occurrence in a different setting (Jason, 2011).The discourse determines the cause of stress among students in Strayer University. As mandated by the President of Strayer University, we are going to determine the cause of stress in college life and its effect on the economy and the victim at large. Strayer University is a for-profit higher education institution that offers degree program for working adults and undergraduate and graduate courses.
Causes of Stress in college life
Unhealthy anxiety entails a feeling of uneasiness and concern; experts argue that unhealthy anxiety fills the aspects with apprehension where the beholder experiences constant worries and cannot control anxiety level. Attending college course work entails a significant adjustment from the usual routine notably sleeping, eating, time management and lifestyle alterations. This means that the level of stress changes as we adjust to a much tighter schedule. Fresh students who just joined college from high school finds it challenging to cope with college life as they just left high school a few months ago(Jason, 2011). This time, they are expected to be more independent and self sufficient. The new life setting and stage of life affects each student differently. College life introduces fresh student to a new life where they are expected to define the class of their choice besides defining the direction they want their life to follow. Students are segregated from their peers who attend college in other regions; it is time to choose new friends and those to hang out with.
Jason (2011) depicts that employed students are also affected by stress once they enroll in Strayer University. Some students are parents with kids to look after and they have to create time for studies, this means that extra time that was reserved to be spent with the kids is lost. The students are therefore stuck in a busy schedule that requires adaptation. The school management should develop program to enhance orientation of new students where they are...

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