Causes And Effects Of Communication Apprehension Of New Members In A Group

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Communication Apprehension of New Members in a GroupCauses and Effects of Communication Apprehension of New Members in a GroupOctober 14, 2013COMMUNICATION APPREHENSION OF NEW MEMBERS IN A STUDENT ORGANIZATIONCOMMUNICATION APPREHENSION OF NEW MEMBERS IN A GROUPCommunication Apprehension of New Members in a GroupCauses and Effects of Communication Apprehension of New Members in a GroupEveryone has experienced being the new member of a group- it could be for a group project, a group of friends, an organization, a business group, etc.- at some points of their lives. It was both intimidating and exciting to be a new part of a group. Ideally, the new member is expected to learn new names, internal information about the group, and must learn to cope up with the new environment in just a small amount of time. It was common to see new members quietly listening; hesitant on joining the discussion; and most would immediately agree with the majority's decision or idea without any further questions. These behaviors are symptoms of Communication Apprehension (CA). In an organization, the first few weeks of the new member's experience are the most crucial to determine if he or she will stay actively in involved with the organization. This paper poses and answers the following questions:What are the causes of CA of the new members in a group?In a student organization, is the initiation process considered a significant factor for the CA of the new members in a group?Why is CA always present in new memberships?What are the effects of CA of the new members in a group?Is it possible to reduce the duration of the CA of the new members?Knowing the nature of Communication Apprehension of new members would greatly improve the relationship within the group and ensure their active participation.SCOPE AND LIMITATIONThis paper discusses the causes of Communication Apprehension of new members in a group and how it would affect them. The paper aims to cover the nature of these causes and through the use of past studies and theories, derive a rational conclusion. This study includes Group Development Theories, Communication Theories, Communication Apprehension, the concept of willingness to communicate, concept of Reticence, Self-perception, Bullying, and Student Organizations especially in UPLB. The time frame of the study is in the present time since Student Organizations in UPBL today are thriving despite of many challenges not only on membership but also on being recognized. This paper could help UPLB student organizations in terms of membership and developing the members' relationship towards the organization.REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATUREThere is a lack of abundant researches regarding the topic of Communication Apprehension of new members in a group but there are several studies that would help this paper find a conclusion. The following are some studies conducted that may help in uncovering the intricacy of the topic of this paper:The report of Cole, J. & McCroskey,...

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