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Causes And Symptoms Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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There are many different causes of PTSD such as sexual abuse, sudden death of a loved one, and war. Trauma affects people in different ways, some can develop it from watching a fellow soldier being killed, and some can develop it from losing their jobs or a divorce. Being diagnosed with PTSD is a difficult process because there are many other psychological disorders whose symptoms can overlap and are very similar. An important fact to remember is that PTSD doesn’t just affect the person suffering; it can also have secondhand effects on their spouses, children, parents, friends, co-workers, and other loved ones. Although there is no direct cure, there are many treatment and alternative treatment options to assist them in moving forward after a trauma.
PTSD is a debilitating mental illness that occurs when someone is exposed to a traumatic, dangerous, frightening, or a possibly life-threating occurrence. “It is an anxiety disorder that can interfere with your relationships, your work, and your social life.” (Muscari, pp. 3-7) Trauma affects everyone in different ways. Everyone feels wide ranges of emotions after going through or witnessing a traumatic event, fear, sadness and depression, it can cause changes in your everyday life as in your sleep and eating patterns. Some people experience reoccurring thoughts and nightmares about the event.
With people who are suffering from PTSD their brain is still in overdrive long after the trauma has happened. They may experience things like flashbacks, nightmares, hallucinations, panic attacks, and deep depression. They tend to avoid things that remind them of their trauma and are constantly on high alert waiting for the next possible traumatic event to take place; in events such as sexual abuse or the loss of a loved one this is a more prominent symptom, they constantly have a feeling of impending doom. They live in a terrified state that it will happen again.
People who suffer from PTSD can be of any gender, age, or race. Those who have existing conditions of mental disorders may be more susceptible to PTSD; these include early psychiatric problems, depression and/ or anxiety, those who have had trauma symptoms before, as well as those who have not received emotional support from others. These individuals may not experience any PTSD symptoms immediately; it may develop several years later after the event. (Doctor, 2009)
PTSD causes many symptoms that are summed up into three categories; 1. Re-experiencing symptoms: flashbacks; bad dreams; frightening thoughts. These cause problems in everyday routine; they may start from thoughts, events, or emotions that are reminders of the event and cause re-triggering. 2. Avoidance symptoms: feeling emotionally numb; feeling strong guilt, depression or worry; avoiding places, things, or activities that remind you of the experience. These cause a person to change their personal routine to avoid reminders of the event. 3. Hyperarousal symptoms:...

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