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Causes For The Split Between The North And South

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It was only a matter of time for the inevitable conflict between the North and South to occur. The North and South were complete opposites in their economic systems, political views, social positions, and geographic regions. The dispute over slavery became the main conflict argued about throughout the country. Northerners formed the Republican party and the Southerners formed the Democratic party. Both sides tried to take different social positions based on the many conflicts prior to the Civil War. Although there were other important causes, ultimately differing views on political and social events and beliefs were the main causes of the Civil War.
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Also, commissioners received higher pay for returning slaves to their owners. As William P. Newman says in a letter to Frederick Douglass, “It has given their souls to the oppressor, and their bodies to the prison, if they dare do their duty in obedience to Christ” (Newman, letter to Frederick Douglass). Even though northerners wanted to help fugitives escape to freedom, they could not, in fear of being caught breaking the Fugitive Slave Law. This law upset northerners, who were uncomfortable with commissioners’ power, while the South rejoiced because the law benefitted them. This unfair law increased the parting sides between the North and South, forming the sides of the Civil War. However, differing political views was only one factor of the start of the Civil War.
Another key factor of conflict included social disagreements. The North and South dissented on many problems, but one major subject of controversy was slavery. Northerners were considered abolitionists, because they wanted a complete end to slavery. Their attempts to end slavery became known as the Abolition Movement. Many times, fugitives avoiding slave catchers received help from abolitionists; abolitionists used the Underground Railroad, a system of safe houses and secret routes, to get slaves to freedom. The narrator of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin states, “...when I get to Canada, where the laws will own me and protect me, that shall be my country, and its laws I will obey. But if any man tries to stop me, let him take care, for I am desperate. I’ll fight for my liberty to the last breath I breathe” (Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin). Mainly from the point of view of a slave, this novel showed their need and desire for freedom. Abolitionists assisted the escaping slaves through the use of the Underground Railroad, as part of the Abolition...

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