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Causes For Violent Crimes In America

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Violent crime can be defined as a crime in which the offender uses or threatens to use violent force upon the victim. Violent crime in the United States is still prevalent, although it is has been decreasing over the years. Examples of violent crime include robbery, assault, murder, or rape. Although violent crime is decreasing in the nation, the amount varies from city to city. This is a major social issue that needs to be brought to attention because it has negative effects to society. If the awareness of violent crime increases, less violent crime will occur. But most importantly, people must know an explanation for these violent crimes.
One city that has violent crime is Phoenix, Arizona. There is one article that gives an explanation on how urbanization and warming of Phoenix impacts the city. Craig Anderson, a professor at Phoenix University, studied the relationship between temperature and crime in Phoenix. “Elevated temperatures increase irritability and aggression in controlled laboratory experiments and numerous studies have shown positive correlations between temperature and violent crime” (Baker 6). Anderson used crime statistics from 50 U.S. cities and estimated that violent crimes increased .45% every 1 degree Fahrenheit increase in annual temperature. An explanation for why violent crime occurs more frequently than others is warm weather. The warmer it is, the more people there are outside which leads to a higher chance of violent crime.
Another article that gives an explanation for violent crime exists in Phoenix is the relationship between schools and crime. Dale Willits, Lisa Broidy, and Kristine Denman conducted a study in Arizona schools to see if there was a link between schools and neighborhood crime rates. The results and conclusions were made that support the connection between schools and crime. “Our regression results using school presence indicators suggest that different types of schools have different relationships with crime at the block group level. Specifically, high schools appear to be associated with increases in aggravated assaults, larceny, and narcotics crime at the lock group level,” (Willits 18). This shows that crime in Arizona can possibly be explained by the schools and students in which these offenders surround themselves with. The results show that there is a clear connection between high schools and violent crime.
A news story that touches the subject of violent crime in Arizona was given by Fox10 Arizona. “A 24-year-old man was arrested after allegedly assaulting his mother and one of her neighbors at a home near Hayden and McDowell late Thursday night,” (Desiderio). When Michael Debusman asked his mother for money and she refused, he hit her in the head with a glass blender. When a man from a separate home came to check on the house, Debusman hit him in the head with a metal baton. After the police finally chased him, he was taken into custody. “Police say Debusman has an extensive arrest...

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