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Causes Of Actual Crisis In Venezuela

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The protests which began again almost a year following the elections devoted to Nicolas Maduro as President, have urgent reasons that citizens cannot tolerate. Almost three months ago, Venezuelans took the streets to demand major changes in the model Hugo Chávez implemented under the name of socialism of the 21st century, and that his heir, Nicolas Maduro, has deepened with the creation of dozens of unusual vice-ministries. The best-known of the new charges is the Ministry of the Supreme Social happiness of the people which It will have the objective of the Supreme social happiness, but there are others, less known but equally curious, as the Deputy Minister for the Union of the people, or ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, the control of social media which is the only voice to talk about is the Government of Maduro.
Restrictions on the import of newsprint has caused the closure of some media. The difficulty that have Venezuelan print media not related to the Government to obtain paper press continues to be a major concern in the Caribbean country. While the Executive is in charge of deny any kind of impediment to get currency, many newspapers fear cannot resume printing within a short time. In that vein, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights urged the Government to secure the paper to the press. Represented this situation not only a problem for the press, but also for the whole society, which would be affected by a lack of information.
Despite the claims of the Internamericana society of the press, the Government has not changed its policy. The most flagrant censorship occurred days ago, when chain NTN24 was literally removed from the TV grid because it was emitting the opposing marches where three people were killed. Additionally, the inflation in 2013, the Government confirmed that prices had gone up by 56%. The fixing of maximum prices according to the law of fair prices is a resounding failure, since it imposes a maximum 30% income while inflation is much higher.
The Security in 15 years of chavismo, more than 200,000 people have been killed in acts of violence. All security plans presented by the Government have failed, and the underworld dominates the streets of Venezuela. Students began street protests repressed by the Government when they raped young students and suffered assaults inside armed classrooms in universities.

Corruption the enrichment that have experienced government officials, military regime and the distribution of all kinds of businesses linked to power, while poverty remains at high levels and the middle class suffers the ravages of inflation and shortages, they are some of the reasons why thousands of people are fighting for a change.
Chavism marked a path of loyal and traitors. Those who support the model are beneficiaries of gifts, grants or public jobs. Workers who question the Government are dismissed from their posts and threatened. The intimidation reached such a level that the ideas cannot be expressed at the danger of being denounced. The Military repression, Hugo Chávez, as a military, had a power unchallenged within the armed forces. Nicolas Maduro is a civilian who has had to deliver much of the ministries to uniformed. The Government militarized, and the streets are also under military control, that makes the blind eye to gangs of motorized.
But the dynamics in which it has plunged Venezuela, the country with the biggest proven reserves of oil in the world, with just 30 million inhabitants and that income may have levels of first-world country, seems drama or, at least, the SOAP Opera's soap opera of a reality that is crossed by wastage and social inequality. From this point to a revolution of...

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