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Causes Of Addiction Essay

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Addiction is something that is hard to stop even though it is interfering with your life. People always be addicted to some activities or some substances; such as, gambling or drugs. There are many causes of addiction; however, the mainly causes of addiction are the place that people live are surrounded by addictions, people‘s thinking react to addictions, and the chemicals’ level that brain releases.
It’s easy for people to become addicts if their living places are surrounded by addictions, and these addicts may influence others. Kids who have addicted parents are more likely to become addicts because children always believe parental behaviors are acceptable (Mclemore, 2008). A lot of people who are not engaged in addiction are influenced by addicts; such as, parents, close friends, or stars, and they may believe those behaviors are right after they are influenced by addictive behaviors all the ...view middle of the document...

According to Tracy (2013), a number of addicts were abused or bullied when they were young; as a result, they could lead to psychological stress, and those people attempted to use drugs in order to help themselves. Addicts live with huge stress because they get severe shocks, and they try to deal with the pains in regular way, but they fail. Following that failure, they reduce pains because of addictions. As a result of mental illness, some people become addicts as well. It is common for a 5-year-old kid believe in Santa Claus in the United States; however, as they mature, a middle age woman still believe in Santa Claus is definitely not normal (Horvath, Misra, Epner, & Cooper, n.d.). Similarly, addicts who have mental illness are not able to use rational thought to make a choice. When other people let them try addictions, they are not capable of considering their behaviors and making a choice, so they start to do and become addicts.
The other reason to be aware of is the level of chemical brain releases, and a deal of addicts get addictive genes from their family. Studies indicated that drinking addiction trend to run in family, and it is same as other family disease or behaviors. (SparkNotes, n.d.). When a number of people born, they have addictive genes which are different from others. After a period of time, they may start to try. Finally, they get the feeling and become addicts. The process of brain release chemical is also a quite significant reason. According to Simmons (n.d.), general people have a balanced system in their brain; however, too many drugs are able to release two or ten times chemical than natural system. As a result of that brain releases more chemical, the addicts are capable of obtaining the extra feeling of pleasure. Because of drugs of stimulation, a new artificial system is developed instead of the balanced system, and addicts are more pleased, so they would like to try again and become addicts.
The causes of addiction are people live are surrounded by addictions, people‘s thinking can not control themselves, and the chemicals’ level that brain releases.

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