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Causes Of Air Pollution Essay

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Stage I
1) - Choosing the topic
My group chose this topic because of the health problems around us caused due to air pollution. Air pollution has become a serious issue not only in the UAE but also globally.
Storms in UAE carrying sand and storms which has airborne and occur desert, also activities can make dust . Particulate tiny of sands , chemicals and dust lead to serious harm to lungs as American research included .
In UAE as well as globally, use of coal and fossil fuels in factories, power-generating establishments, offices, even homes for power or heat , though beneficial, contribute to air pollution and smog.
Fossil fuel as industrial practice which combustion in our ...view middle of the document...

not only in UAE but all over the world.

Image Research Notes:

In my research on images, I found how air pollution due to emissions from vehicular combustion engines containing gaseous oxide, nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. With a thinner ozone layer, the earth will gradually succumb to sweltering heat.
The maintenance of having emission control system of the car and truck not only being harmful it also can develop the fuel the efficient of the vehicle performance which extend it . The awareness to care of using and storing gasoline can decrease evaporative losses in atmosphere.

UAE is one such country which is using methods to curb pollution by swapping of cars, converting to natural gas for vehicles, car free day etc.
Kindly, if you know you will wait or parked on the roadside turn off your engine that will reduce the harmful emissions. So that will give us chance to have cleaner air.
Article Research Notes:
In my research on news article, I found an article in the Gulf News which reported Adnoc’s plans to convert more than 500 public. Such as, vehicles and taxis to make it natural gas by coming year as part of an initiative to decreased air pollution in the capital. According to the report, exhaust fumes from cars account for 42 per cent of Dubai's air pollution.
In its report, I got to understand that more than 2,500 government employees in Dubai would swap their cars for the Metro, buses and cabs on Wednesday as part of a municipality drive to curb pollution. Residents were also encouraged to leave their vehicles behind and find other means of transport during the second Car Free Day, in cooperation with the Roads and Transport Authority Dubai Municipality’s director general Hussan Lootah, who led the way, would take the Metro to work.
At least 1,500 Municipality employees ditched their cars during the first Car Free Day in 2010. The government aimed to target residents in the private sector and encourage more people take part in the environment-friendly event on Car free day.
As per the report, the following initiatives were taken up to help curb air pollution in the UAE:
■ Open centre in Northern Emirates which have CNG vehicle conversion
■ UAE gas bus .
■ Dubai to ditch cars for anti-pollution day

The report also stated that around 117 vehicles have been converted to Natural gas. At that time, the company was converting 25 Abu Dhabi companies for Offshore Oil Operations (Adco) cars and more than 79 taxis, free of charge.

Adnoc officials said that at that point of time this service was open to public vehicles and taxis only, however, plans to include private cars to convert their cars to natural gas, were in the offing.
According to transport officials, going green was another measure to control air...

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