Causes Of Attending Single Sex Schools Vs. Coed Schools

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Causes of Attending Single-Sex Schools vs. Coed Schools
Traditionally, schools have been coeducational, but in today’s world, single-sex schooling has become much more prominent. Whether the whole school consists of just one gender or classes are broken up by sex, mainly private schools are the ones that have implemented single-sex learning; but recently, many public schools have adopted the single-gender learning environment. In fact, there are now over 445 public schools that offer single-sex schooling (Novotney). Parents often debate which type of schooling exceeds the other, and they wonder what caused the other parents to pick the other type and what effects this decision will have on a child. The cause of picking either a single-sex school or a coed school usually just comes down to the parents' decision based on the kid and the parents’ point of view; however, picking one of the two affects the students' lives, personalities, and grades very much.
When it comes time for parents or guardians to decide on sending their child to a coed school or single-sex school, there exists a variety of factors and influences that can sway the decision. One factor that families must take into consideration is the cost of attendance. Since single-sex schools are mainly private schools, they usually require a pretty hefty tuition. So, if a family does not have enough money to afford a private, single-sex school, the child must attend a public, (usually) coed school. The financial situation of families acts as a large factor on what type of school, single-gender or coed, a child attends because some families may not have enough money to make a choice. When families do possess enough money to choose between single-sex and coed schools, many still decide on attending coed schools. Parents might also select coed schools strictly for convenience, although this applies for both single-sex and coed schools. Siblings, neighbors, and location all contribute to a selection. If one child already attends one school, for example a coeducational school, the parents might not want their kids going to separate schools, so they will send their younger kid or kids to a coed school with their siblings. If two neighbors attend a certain school, carpooling then becomes an option. Then, relative location to the schools in consideration also plays a role. For example, if a single-sex school is in walking distance and a coed school is a long car ride away, the single-sex school will most likely be chosen. Convenience is a huge factor, especially in homes with two working parents, because the logistics need to be as simple as possible. Another element used in deciding between single-sex and coed schools is the curriculum and environment of the schools. Coed schools provide a more realistic experience while single-gender schools have a more specialized curriculum and environment. In the real world, it is pivotal to be able to interact with members of the...

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