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Causes Of College Drop Outs Essay

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At least once a person’s lifetime, everyone think about who they want to become in their future. Most of the things they want to become, requires certain college degree to achieve that goal. Taking that first step of attaining the degree can be time consuming and involves loads of hard work. Some people have more determination and motivation to be successful, while others lack the motivation and can not finish. Not everyone drop out because they lack the determination to finish, instead they run into other obstacle while equipped with the motivation. Those of which are trying to regulate the balance of work and school, unexpected family problems, and financial problems. Unprepared students sign up for school because they think a degree is a “Pass “ to the middle class, trying to get one step closer to their goal but drops out of college.
The first cause of students dropping out of college is due to the fact that they are unable to balance their work and school together. Students who are working while going to school can often “bash” more than the government’s acceptable hours of work. For an example a student may be working a full time job, that requires them to do physical work and leaves them tired by the end of the work shift. If that student had class later that day, they would not be able to focus on the subject that is being taught in that session. Sometime during working people don’t finish work on time and will finish late, this will also impact the students. If they finish their shift too late and arrives to class late, then the possibility of the being disorientated will be quite high and lethal to the student, due to the fact that they missed the introduction. Continuing to be late forces them to make decisions between school and changing jobs, and in many cases they just end up quitting school. Being unable to balance a student’s work and school may cause that student to drop out of college.
Another reason students drop out of college is because of unexpected...

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