Causes Of Crop Circles : With View Point (80% Manmade)

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The Cause of Crop Circles There are many theories attempting to explain the occurrence of crop circles throughout the world. Many people either believe that humans or extraterrestrials make the circles. With the research I have done on the subject, I argue that beings of higher intelligence than humans create the crop formations. However, I am not denying the fact that humans make some crop circles as well. It is possible to recreate authentic circles, and many people are capable of doing so. I allow that humans make many crop circles, but extraterrestrials create them authentic circles. Man-made circles are simply copies of authentic circles. Colin Andrews, researcher and author, wrote in his book about his investigation of the occurrences of crop circles:Based on our research, I Concluded approximately 80 percent of all the crop circles we investigated in England from 1999 through the year 2000 were man-made. This was one of the most important research findings to date because it cut to the core of what was truly important: the remaining 20 percent of the crop circle showed no sign of human hands. (154)This quote gives me the chills every time I read it. If twenty percent are not made by humans, who could possibly create them? These authentic crop circles are much different than man-made crop circles. In this paper I will explain why more evidence exists which proves that true crop circles are not simply man-made hoaxes as people portray them to be. Some of the crop circles found are created by man; however, those circles model from original ones. The authentic formations have no explanation of their occurrence. Many circles are frequently broadcasted on television news or in newspapers. The exposure causes people who yearn for public attention to create pictograms. According to Andrews, ?As the subject of crop circles received increasing publicity over the ensuing years, the number of counterfeits increased dramatically? (Andrews, 178). This statement proves that earlier investigations show less man-made circles than recent studies. Joe Nickell, a well known scientist, writes how hoaxers glory from the fame: ?Over the past couple of years crop circles have taken a real beating from the skeptics? Perhaps the lack of attention will drive away the hoaxers? (Nickell para 6). Nickell?s comment also shows that troubled farmers wanted the pranksters to stop. Some, however, used them to make money as well: ?farmers anxious to make a few pounds by charging gullible tourists to look at them? (Anderson para1). Therefore, money and fame induce people to recreate crop circles. Two of the famous creators of crop circles since 1978 are Doug Bower and David Chorley. They claimed in 1990 to be responsible for all crop circles created in England. (Andrew 179). Some aspects of their arguments nonetheless, prove questionable. When the media challenged Doug and Dave to recreate a simple circle, they refused. If they knew how to make the...

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