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Causes Of Divorce And The Impact Of Divorce On Children

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Unfortunately, the world we live in today is composed of several problems and sad truths that seem to be rising at a faster rate, one of which in particular, is often overlooked. This problem is the rising divorce rate in America. According to (2012), 45-50% of marriages end in divorce. The divorce rate for couples with children is 40%. Not only does this impact the adults going through the divorce, it also impacts the innocent children who are trapped in between the chaos. Although many children with divorced parents were able to overcome and grow up to become strong and independent human beings, each and every one of these individuals was impacted by the trauma. By studying the causes of divorce and by looking at the shocking effects it can have on children, we can understand why this is an immense problem that needs to be controlled. Because many children are negatively impacted by divorce and likely to have trust issues, changes of behavior and changes of lifestyle, and the causes of divorce should be carefully examined and avoided.
Cause of Divorce: Young Age Marriages
There is no doubt that younger individuals getting married typically have a higher divorce rate. Several reasons suggest this to be true. One of the many reasons marriages at a young age do not last is because the couple is simply not ready. They are not one hundred percent committed and do not understand the role and the responsibilities to start a family. According to MSN Living, forty-six percent of exes surveyed claimed that age was a large factor in the end of their marriage. In order to prevent a failed marriage due to age, the responsibilities and roles of the spouses must be clearly understood. It is important for them to be mature and responsible before taking such a huge step in their life.

Cause of Divorce: Lack of Commitment
One of the main reasons for divorce is due to the lack of commitment and effort that is put in to the marriage. According to MSN Living, seventy-three percent of marriages ended in divorce due to the lack of commitment put forth. Commitment between married couples is what allows the both of them to feel safe and secure with one another. That feeling of safety and security allows them to open up and disclose thoughts and emotions towards one another. It’s important for both spouses to be committed to one another and put in the initiative to make their marriages work. Without that initiative, the spouses begin to become irritated with one another and attempt to carry on the relationship; however neither of the two are truly content.
Cause of Divorce: Constant Arguments
Although, everyone can get irritated and take out their anger on someone else, constant arguing in marriages can cause them to come to an end. No one likes to be yelled at, and no one likes to be caught up in an argument, yet in marriages that are coming to an end, this is very common. According to MSN Living, fifty-six percent of exes that were...

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