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Causes Of Homelessness In San Antonio

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There are an estimated 2,981 homeless people in San Antonio each day. Out of these, 1,243 were unsheltered and a staggering 31% of those are people with families. In addition, the average age of a homeless child in San Antonio is 6 years old. An overall picture shows that homelessness has dropped nearly four percent from 2012 to 2013. Further, an average of 610,042 people are homeless across the United States on any given night. “Of that number, 36 percent – 222,197 people – were in families, representing a drop of 7 percent for that group” (Chappell, 2013, p. #). More than a third of these people were not found in shelters, abandoned buildings, cars, or under bridges. Although, there has been a small decline in homelessness, it’s still necessary to drastically change these statistics by solving the causes of homelessness. Sleeping in vacant buildings and under bridges is unacceptable. These statistics are very alarming and a solution needs to be found.
According to the U.S. Conference of Mayors (2008) there are several key factors that cause homelessness and they differ between families and single adults. For families, the causes are lack of affordable housing, poverty, unemployment, low-paying jobs, domestic violence, mental illness and substance abuse. For single adults the causes are substance abuse, lack of affordable housing, mental illness, poverty, unemployment, and low-paying jobs. The top things needed to combat homelessness is more housing for people with disabilities, better paying employment opportunities, and more substance abuse services.
Now that the causes of homelessness have been identified, a solution can be formed. The best solution would be to create a transformational campus by offering a place of hope and a place to create new beginnings. This campus would provide, coordinate, and deliver an efficient system of care for people experiencing homelessness. The transformational campus is a place where any homeless individual can receive housing, education, counseling, and support in order to help transform his or her life by addressing the root causes. The goal is to help individuals gain and keep permanent housing. In addition, it will also offer an In-House Recovery Program, which is dedicated to helping free individuals from substance abuse.
How would someone know if they were eligible? First, the individual would need to verify they are homeless, (someone who lacks a fixed, regular, or adequate nighttime residence and lacks sufficient means or support system to obtain housing). Next, they would need to be 18 years or older with a government-issued ID. They would also need to be sober and be able to care for themselves independently. Also, they would need to be willing to commit to working with a case manager toward a goal of sustained, self-sufficient life and willing to participate in activities geared at achieving self-sufficiency. The goal would be to help people obtain the resources and...

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