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Assalamualaikum w.b.t. to my beloved lecturer Mr. Nasiruddin Mohd Fazali and fellow friends. Today I want to talk about mental retardation. Do you know what is meant by mental retardation? Here I will explain a bit about the meaning of mental retardation and the causes that happen.
Grossman, 1983 defines mental retardation is had great low intellectual functioning and they have difficulty in life in order to manage daily life. This situation occurs with adaptive behaviour weakness of children such as communication skills, self-management, social and psychomotor. As I understand their mental age is not equal to their actual age. In the United States, children are mentally retarded ...view middle of the document...

Mothers less protein will cause the baby suffer mental retardation. According Bratic (1982) the quality of food consumed by the mother is more important than the quantity of food. In addition, mothers who took the drug or alcohol excess is one cause. This is because the effects of alcohol in the blood of the mother transmitted to the foetus.
I have done finished explain the first main point. Now, let’s proceed with the second point which is perinatal, causes that occur during the birth process

Among the other causes of the occurrence of this mental retardation is the cause during childbirth. It was the birth of the most critical processes in which babies are born may be premature. Babies born prematurely are infants weight less than 2500 grams. If the baby is born, aged between 21 to 34 weeks in the womb, the chances of survival are high but it is more likely to be suffering from brain disorder. One of the reasons this is a premature birth due to defects in the baby, cervix, uterus and placenta. Therefore, the age of the foetus is very...

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