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Causes Of Obesity Essay

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Obesity, also referred to as being overly overweight, is a condition caused when one eats excessive amounts of food leading to storing more calories than one burns. These calories are stored as fats1. Obesity can develop from several causes and is usually influenced by genetics.
Causes of Obesity:
According to the National Institute of Health, the most familiar causes of obesity can be categorized into four causes; lifestyle, environmental, hereditary and medical causes2. However, the main cause of obesity worldwide is still unhealthy diets.
Livestrong, a health-issues magazine, reported that our environment and daily routine influence obesity in the sense that people have ...view middle of the document...

Estrogen, the stress hormone, is also linked to obesity. Therefore, the probability of women achieving obesity is more than that of men9.
Certain critical periods of one's life can affect his or her body weight. For example, women start eating more when they are pregnant in order to support their babies4. This massive gain causes the number of fat cells to increase which get stacked above one another and become irremovable10.
Moreover, after the pregnancy, most women usually stay at home to take care of their infants. Their appetite increases massively to balance and regain the nutrients lost11. By doing that, they become more exposed to obesity due to the fat cells being pilled over each other4.
Teenagers between the age of 12 and 16 are targets of this matter as well. The life of teenagers is filled with drama which leads to serious aspects that affects their weight12. For instance, teens start smoking because they are bored, stressed, angry, affected by peer pressure, or think it's attractive14. Smoking produces nicotine in one's body which raises the metabolism rate allowing one to burn calories faster4.
Nevertheless, the obesity epidemic doesn’t exist in smoking rather, it resides in quitting smoking11. Studies show that most people who abandon smoking gain 4 - 10 pounds in the first 6 months after quitting13. This is simply due to the fact that when people quit smoking, their metabolic rate slows down tremendously causing food to be digested slower4. Food becoming tastier and more delicious after giving up smoking is another reason that supports the prior thesis4.
Lack of Sleep:
Oversleeping is a symptom of obesity. Similarly, research shows that lack of sleep is directly proportional to obesity10. It also states that people who stay up late have a tendency to eat sugary and high-fat meals to try to increase their energy during the day. Also, people are probably not going to work out when they are tired3.
Furthermore, sleep helps regulate hormones in the body and maintain them to the consistent level. Ghrelin - hunger-stimulating hormone secreted by stomach and pancreas- level rises when you sleep less than 7 hours4. Leptin, a protein hormone that controls appetite and provides a sensation of fullness, is also affected by sleep in the sense that its level decreases when you are well-rested4.
Insulin, which is a peptide hormone produced by the pancreas, gets affected by sleep as well. It's used to control your blood sugar level and carbohydrates and fats metabolism2. Lack of sleep can cause hyper secretion of insulin which in turn makes you more vulnerable to obesity.
Hyper secretion of insulin can also be caused by taking in large amounts of the sugar fructose, which is found in sodas, sugary drinks and sweetened desserts14.
Work Routines:
In our era, work became less active and energy consuming than before. Most people nowadays have desk jobs for long hours daily which prevents them from being physically active11....

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