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Causes Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Essay

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A man lies down and begins to try and fall asleep but suddenly remembers that he cannot remember if he locked the doors to his house. He cannot fall asleep until he knows for sure all the doors are locked, so he proceeds to get up and check if every door is locked. He does this three times until he is finally comfortable enough to go to sleep. What could possibly be wrong with this man? This man most like has a disability called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD. In the past, this man with OCD would have been considered extremely strange, but it is now known that OCD is somewhat common in today’s world. The conditions of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can be very uncomfortable and ...view middle of the document...

Obsessions and compulsions are two different things. An obsession is characterized by a thought, image, or impulse that can cause a person with OCD a lot of anguish. Only the people who have OCD experience or see their obsessions, so it is the hidden part of OCD. A thought can replay in the person’s head continuously throughout the day, and this will also cause the person to start believing more and more that their horrible thought could possibly happen. One way people will try and stop their obsessions is that they will just tell themselves to just stop thinking about it. This almost never works and they will have to try and find another way to stop their obsessions. This is where the compulsions come into place. A compulsion, or ritual, is people with OCD’s attempt to stop their obsessive thoughts, impulses or images. It is common that once the person does the compulsion, the obsessive thought will go away and the person will have a sense of relief and go on with his day. However, as OCD progresses, the sense of relief will last for a shorter and shorter amount of time, and the obsessions will keep coming back and the compulsions will have to continue being recited. A compulsion could also be an action or mental act that a person feels obliged to complete in an extremely stern fashion, even without experience of an obsession. Some people also do things a certain way each day just because it feels right. An example of this would be making sure pictures on the wall are always perfectly straight. Compulsions are not a hidden part of OCD because outsiders can see people with OCD acting out their ritual. However, there are mental compulsions that can also occur.
People with OCD typically have both obsessions and compulsions. However, it is possible to have...

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