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Causes Of Teenage Suicide In America

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Suicide is a critical social problem in this day and age. According to Kutcher and Magdalena (2008), one of the top three causes of death among people from 15 to 34 years old is suicide. In America, suicide is the third killer to the high school youth which between the age of 15 to 19 (Lieberman & Cowan, 2011). Comer (2004) defined that "suicide as an intention, direct, and conscious effort to end the life of a person" (2004). In general, such as abuse of alcohol and drug, peer pressure problem and suicide behavior of family. There will causes suicide are no hope and expect at all, despair of personal issues and insistent behavior ( Wagner, Cole, & Schwartzman, 1995; Al Ansari et al., ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, the family factor that influences virtually in teenage suicide are undeniable. The youth who live in a broken home (divorced family) could lead them to the brink of death. According to Cutler, Glaeser, & Norberg (2001) research, the divorced rate of parents in a country or state are closely related to the teenage suicide rate. The higher the rate of parental divorce, the higher the rate of child suicide. The youth who live with stepparent or single-parent have a higher suicide rate than the normal family (Cutler et al., 2001).
Commit suicide could also be consider as a trend to the youth. Based on Social learning theory by Bandura (1971) we can know that "new pattern of behavior can be learnt through direct experience or by observing others". Teenage sometimes would just follow what their friends doing by knowing nothing about it. The teen are more probably to commit suicide if they found there are the others who has attempted it (Cutler et al. 2001). According to Cutler et al. (2001), suicide are not only spread between the youth in a certain place, it would also spillover across the areas.
The next reason of suicide among teenage is the effect of parental suicide on their surviving children. Campbell (1997) and Jordan (2001) stated that suicide are not only deeply affect element of the surviving family but also have a great influence on socio-culture environment of survivor which associated with aspect of reverberation across many of the generations. Additionally, suicide would also end up with long-term negative influence towards the teenage who facing the parental suicide. Based on the study of Tam, Lee, Har, and Chan (2011),
considerable dysfunction in all family systems prior to the suicide and the very damaging consequences for children and family systems following parental suicide. Because the trauma of suicide impacted on the whole family, the bereaved child was left largely unsupported and uninformed. (p. 629)
Brent, Bridge, Johnson & Connolly (1998) have reported that the close relatives of suicide victims have high potential of risk in suicidality. Due to suicide survivor experienced higher value of suicide conception, attempts, and end of the life (Jordan, 2001).
Nevertheless, the case of bullying towards youths are the other unquestionably factor which cause of teenage suicide. According to Suicide Prevention Resource Center (2011), bullying can defined as "the ongoing physical or emotional victimization of a person by another person or group...

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