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Causes Of Teenagers' Drug Abuse Essay

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Nowadays, one can hardly open a newspaper without seeing on article on drug abuse among teenagers. Sadly as it is, this kind of social evil has driven more and more youngsters to nowhere but cruelty and crime. The first and foremost step towards any possible solution, I feel, is to point out the causes that lead to this problem. Some of them can be low-esteem, lack of parents' attention and influence from bad friends.To begin with, teens often begin using drugs because of low-esteem. This is party a psychological matter since teens are especially sensitive during adolescence. At this very period, there are too old to be ...view middle of the document...

Simply enough, drugs help them to escape reality or that dreadful reality as they may think.Another reason for drug abuse is obviously the lack of parents' attention. Very often, both parents in many families works outside the home. They hardly have much time, if any to pay attention to their children's needs. Therefore, un properly guided by parents, teens are more easily misled. Otherwise, they will have, at least, second thought before using drugs rather than jumping at it at first glance. What's more, after a period of time, parents may not be aware of the warning signs that their children show before it's too late. Worse all the effect may be irreversible.Influence from bad friends also contributes, no in small part, to drug abuse. You need not to be an expert to realize that the only wish of teens is to fit themselves tightly into his company. Thus, teens are willing to do any thing, no matter they want or not, so that they are not excluded from the majority. This is really dangerous when teens meet bad friends, who always try to raise their curiosity by the lure of novelty, the lure that few teens can resist.In a word, low-esteem, parental ignorance and peer pressure are the three fundamental causes of drug abuse among teenagers. It's high time to do something really effective about this problem and save the youth generation. Should we put a hand to help our misguided youngsters or just look away and let the whole society go down to ruins? That is for you to dicide.

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