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Causes Of The French Revolution And How It Differs From The American Revolution. Complete With Works Cited; 5+ Sources, 5pgs B+ Paper

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What were the causes of the French Revolution? How did it differ from the American Revolution?The decline of absolutism in the eighteenth century has questionable led to possible causes of the French Revolution. The French Revolution was a civil dispute over the emerging bourgeoisie class over those in the aristocracy. The aristocracy was the only thing that separated the bourgeoisie class from the aristocracy; it was the only thing that prevented them from being essentially equal within the French society. "The nominally autocratic monarchy, the increasingly anachronistic 'feudal' society and the temporal power of an established but discredited Church all gave rise to problems and conflicts that tended to increase in intensity towards the end of the century." The decrease of power of the absolute monarchy, the increasing bourgeoisie class, and the temporal power of the church were the main causes of the French Revolution. The French learned from the Americans about their revolution and they helped them gain their independence from Britain. The French also took many of the American Revolutions' ideas and changed them to better-fit France's circumstances. While very similar to one another, the revolutions could not be more different. The major difference between the French Revolution and the American Revolution was that the French Revolution was more of a political revolution whereas the American Revolution was a revolution based on independence.The history of an absolute monarchy approaches the king in such a manner that "the protector and dispenser of justice, the reigning monarch revived the merits of the good kings of the past and erased the errors of the bad ones." What this meant to the French society was that anyone who spoke badly of the king would be reprimanded accordingly. In order to reinstate the authority and power of the king, there was a "public ritual of expiation and punishment thus took place according to the usual form." The king was under much scrutiny since his subjects were not happy with anything that was taking place. The aristocracy was also not pleased with the monarchy, even though they were on a high social scale. "Socially privileged but politically degraded, the aristocracy never forgave the absolute monarchy for having despoiled them of all but political authority." New trade was born in this time and from this an emerging middle class formed, the bourgeoisie. They too wanted to associated with royal power, end absolutism and called for liberty, however, "the bourgeoisie did not, like the aristocracy, demand only power and freedom; they undertook to suppress privilege and acquire equal rights." The monarchy was reliant on the economic status of the middle class and continued to impose a feudalistic society on one that was in the midst of breaking free and becoming a capitalistic society.An economic crisis began in France; prices for food were going up and people were beginning to react out of hunger and fear of a...

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