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Causes Of The French Revolution And The Catagories Of Groups Involved.

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Many people currently believe that the essential cause of the famous French revolution is a rising power of the middle class of bourgeoisie clashing with the power of the nobility. The revolution took place because different types of causes, fundamental and immediate. Another reason that this statement is deceitful is because the revolution was not caused by one group of people, but rather the crowd called the Third Assembly, which was 80% of the French population at the time, was the revolutionary group. But this group was separated into many different status groups, which ranged from wealthy to dirt poor.First it is important to analyze the deep seeded causes of the revolution, fundamental causes. The most important fundamental cause was economic, from the time when Louis XIV built Versailles and went on his wars there was a money deficiency. To make up for a lack of funds, new tax laws were put in place, because the country ran on a Three Estate system, only the third estate felt the pain of taxation. As the third estate was already the poorest, necessary funds could not be drawn, so taxes continually increased, this oppressive taxation caused a rooted hatred of the French government and resulted in being a fundamental cause for revolution. Another fundamental cause was the enlightenment, writers such as John Locke sparked beliefs that the French commoners did not have to be ruled by a "God appointed" ruler, but instead a people appointed ruler, a sovereign that was inclined for the best interest of the people, not himself. This belief caught on quickly and built on the economic fundamental causes to create more deep seeded rage for the regime of France.Another set of causes of the French revolution are immediate causes, which can be directly linked to the revolution. One of these is economic, the unemployment rate in Paris, which was steadily rising and got to 80,000 in 1788. Unemployed citizens had more time to think on their hands, and therefore became more accustomed to enlightenment ideas and were the ones who saw the possibly improving effects. Another immediate cause was the American Revolution, Britain, the most powerful nation, had been revolted...

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1210 words - 5 pages Young's Travels in France, "There is an injustice in levying the amount each person must pay" which indicates that the taxes being placed on the third estate was incredibly unfair, and was one of the causes leading to the French Revolution.Another major contribution to the formation of the revolution was the American Revolution. Ever since the arrival of the British in 1620, North America was a national gold mine for land. Many countries wanted this

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2396 words - 10 pages associated with royal power and in opposition to absolutism by calling for liberty. The inequalities within France’s traditional order pushed France into Revolution as the Third Estate revolted against the other classes. The most influential causes of the French Revolution was caused by the corruption and extravagance of the French monarchy, the enormous financial crisis, and the exclusion of the Third Estate from power. Louis XVI was a terrible king

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544 words - 2 pages the price of a needed item could mean the death of many peasants. This unfair taxing was a gigantic cause of the French Revolution.France had a large burden that involved some major debt. Wars like the 7 years war and the American Revolution depleted their treasury greatly. To solve this great financial crisis, the government increased the taxes on everything including food. Due to bad harvests, food prices went soaring bringing hunger and

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