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Causes Of The Stono Revolt Essay

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The morning of Sunday, September 9, 1939 went down in history because of the events that began. It was a day that marked the beginning of the largest slave rebellion in British North America. What was the name of this rebellion? It was the Stono Revolt. According to (……) twenty slaves (the exact number is unknown) attacked the Hutchenson’s near the Stono River, beheaded the storekeeper, seized weapons, and started matching towards Florida. This owes to the reality that freedom had been promised by Spanish at St. Augustine. More slaves joined the rebellion and killed almost twenty-five whites before a British militia quashed the rebellion. Historians like Hofer (2010) and Rodriguez (2007) ...view middle of the document...

On the Contrary, Rodriguez (2007) argues that the racial imbalance between blacks and whites (in south Carolina) was the main cause of the Stono Revolt. According to the author, the rebellion resulted from the transforming structure of slavery and race relations in South Carolina. This is enhanced by the truth that “the black population came to outnumber the white people in the colony by almost a two-to-one ratio by 1739”. The slave population mainly consisted of young males from Angola, which enabled them to unite easily. Their large numbers made the white control over slave tenuous. The demographic change led to an egalitarian outreach for people to share similar classes and conditions, which in turn led to social unrest. Furthermore, Smith (2005) also mentions that slaves were the majority in the South Carolina’s population. It is evident that the large number of slaves could have been the cause for the Stono revolt because they not only outnumbered the whites, but they were also united.
The difference between the two reasons for the Stono rebellion is clear. It is evident that the first reason arose from the promise made by Spanish king while the second reason arose from the difference in numbers between the blacks and the Whites. However, the first reason appears to have a different underlying cause. This is because Smith (n.d) reveals that the Spanish and the British were colonial rivals. According to the author, the British used Indians mercenaries when the Spanish attacked them. Therefore, an...

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