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Causes Of Water Pollution Essay

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Water is an important resource for every organism on Earth, yet water pollution has become a major conflict all around the world. Water makes up most of Earth and is a necessary factor for both the environment and people. Even though water is something that the human race can’t survive without, water is constantly being polluted because of humans. Oil pollution, global warming, eutrophication, sewage, air pollution, marine debris, industrial waste and radioactive waste have become the main causes of our water being polluted. All of these causes are effects of the human way of life. People have grown so careless that they don’t realize they are poisoning themselves. Water pollution needs to ...view middle of the document...

This is especially harmful to countries that aren’t able to filter their water. The chemicals slowly work their way through the water killing both the fish and the plants that surround the area. These chemicals don’t only poison surrounding wild life but they can also cause a lot of damage to surrounding families in that area who come in contact with the water.
Debris getting dumped in river, lakes, and oceans is also increasing pollution in water. In 2003, a study stated that 80% of coral reefs in Asia were endangering to collapse with twenty years because of debris pollution (What Future…). Major bodies of water have become a main dumping ground for items such as cardboard, plastic, newspaper, and glass. Both plastic and glass can take up to a few centuries to completely break down. These products kill the sea life or cause them to evacuate the polluted area causing a disastrous outcome.
Another factor of water pollution is air pollution. Air pollution is an after effect of factory smoke and it has become dirty enough that rain is becoming acidic. Acid rain poisons the marine life by filling all bodies of water with toxins. A brown cloud of pollution called Asian Haze hovered over Asia in 2002 causing damage to plant life (What Future…). Acidic rain is especially harmful to people because it is harder to filter the water of all the toxins from the rain. Air pollution can also cause an increase in temperature. Warmer water in a certain area causes species in that area to seek cooler water which can tip the balance causing several other negative effects.
Rain alone has caused water to become polluted. Rain washes fertilizers into nearby rivers which is called eutrophication. Eutrophication can cause algae to grow which leads to the death of marine life in that river. Algae can do this by using up the oxygen in the river or by blocking the sunlight to the organisms in that body of water. Agricultural pollution can also happen with pesticide or animal waste that all mix together when it rains which is called runoff (Laitos). Runoff is...

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