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When I told people that I was going to Ball State University they then went on to ask who I would be rooming with since lots of other people that I knew were going here as well. I never wanted to room with my best friend or anyone that I knew going into college. You always hear about awful roommmate stories but whose to say that that happens to everyone. Pretty much everyone told me that if I chose a random roommate It would most likely turn sour. They were so wrong. I was determined to have a fresh start in college and meet new people so I was willing to take that chance, and I’m glad I did. Having heard these myths about college roommates from so many previous students it did in fact ...view middle of the document...

So there I was on move in day walking into my room carrying all of my stuff looking like I was ready to go on a five year backpacking trip around the world. Once I had walked in the room I saw that Natali (my new roommate) had Harry Potter posters plastered all along her side of the room. I knew at that moment that we would get along just fine. Now not everyone will immediately feel the way I did about Natali if you go in with the mindset that you will hate your roommate just from everything that you have been told. The thing to remember is to go into it with an open-mind.
Natali was on her way out when I arrived to unpack all of my stuff.
“Hey! I’m Natali. Natali Bacon.” Just hearing her last name made me laugh on the inside. Other than the quick hellos that we exchanged earlier that day we didn’t see each other until later on that night. It was awkward to say the least almost like when you are stuck in an elevator with a complete stranger, except permanently. Things gradually got less weird as the night went on but for the most part you can imagine that it was still pretty uncomfortable. We both gave it time and after spending two full days inside together due to the scorching temperatures outside we slowly found out how alike we were. We both loved the same TV shows like New Girl, Dexter, and Breaking Bad. Literally we watched almost a complete season of Dexter together before the first day of school even started. I just remember thinking to myself during my first night at Ball State, “I am so glad everyone was wrong”. Natali turned out to be a superb roommate. In the beginning I wasn’t looking for a roommate to be best friends with I was just looking for someone who I had a little bit in common with but instead I got lucky and got a roommate who I will remain friends with for the rest of my life.
Campus-based urban legends are often passed from student to student through acquaintances as well as personal friends and peer groups (Major 239). Everyone in my family that has gone to college had the misfortune of having a horrible roommate their freshman year. This didn't help my problem at the beginning. It is important for all freshman to know that a big part of how your roommate experience will turn out is based all on what you make of it. In my case I didn’t exactly have a positive outlook at first, instead all I was thinking was negative thoughts but I quickly realized that that would do me no good. Many people do not realize that these urban legends that we are told from our family and friends have a bigger impact on us than...

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