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Cbbe Applying Aldo(Shoe Retailer) Essay

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Brief introduction of ALDOALDO Shoes is founded. It is a footwear concession within a chain of popular fashion boutiques. The original group includes 4 Canadian stores in Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City and Winnipeg.1980 - 1993 ExpansionBy 1980, the company becomes independent and prospers. Over the course of the next 13 years, 95 freestanding stores operate under the trade name ALDO.1993 - 2001 EvolutionALDO initiates its retail entry into the U.S. market. The first ALDO U.S. store opens near Boston, Massachusetts. Over the course of the next 9 years, approximately 125 stores open in the U.S. alone. By the end of this period ALDO also operates over 180 successful stores in regional malls and key fashion street locations in most major Canadian urban centers.In addition, the Group operates over 300 stores under 8 prominent retail banners, each catering to a distinct well-defined customer group.2002 - Going GlobalALDO graces the high streets of London, England, opening prime locations on both Oxford (3) and Neal Street (1). The brand even finds its way to the English countryside opening in mall locations including Basingstoke, Uxbridge, Camden, Croydon, Kent & Southampton.2005 and BeyondWith the success of ALDO's stores in the United Kingdom, the brand continues its global expansion. From Australia to Poland to Switzerland and Denmark, ALDO is in step with you. So lookout! You never know when an ALDO store will be in your corner of the globe.CBBE of ALDO1. Brand SalienceALDO is very well-known brand as a shoes retailer. Not only by aggressive advertising, but also by campaign of fight against AIDS, it places a premium on being a good corporate citizen by working to enrich the communities.Depth of brand awareness : we asked 7friends of ours( all of them have been living Canada more than 10 years) about ALDO shoes and all of them know about ALDO very well. They know where the ALDO shop is, what is the price of shoes or accessory(briefly, not exactly), what kind of accessory they are selling, what kind of campaign they are doing, etc. 3 people of out 7 answered that ALDO is top of mind.Breadth of brand awareness : ALDO is trying to maximize it's brand awareness by doing fight against campaign. Interesting is that ALDO using powerful combination of top celebrities such as Avril Lavigne, Charlize Theron, Pink, etc. and multiple media genres, and put it widely, so especially young people are attracted their attention. As part of the campaign, ALDO has designed a series of limited-edition empowerment tags to be sold in ALDO stores worldwide and online at With 100% of net proceeds benefiting YouthAIDS, the simple act of buying one empowerment tag for only $5 helps to educate and protect a young person from HIV/AIDS for six months.Aldo operates over 600 retail stores across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. People who were asked said the chain is highly visible(because of the big PHOTO for campaign)Strength : Both...

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