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Cbrn: The Looming Threat Essay

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America is under the treat of a terrorist attack. Ever since the events of September 11th that idea has become a constant reality to the American public. Although terrorism is not a new concept, not even on American soil, it has become more of a reality in the resent decade. Terrorism takes many forms and threats are not always the way someone might picture them. Homegrown terrorist can have the same effect that international organizations may. Each group is attempting to achieve their own political or social goals and the only thing Americans can do is to prepare for the inevitable. The attack could come in many forms but a Chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack could be ...view middle of the document...

Him and his associate Terry Nichols carried
out the bombing because they were expressed angry at how the federal government's handled the 1992 standoff between Randy Weaver and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at Ruby Ridge. They were also angry with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and FBIs siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas in 1993. The targeting of civilians and the political agenda places this action in the realm of terrorism. A less obvious act of terrorism is attacks on abortion clinics carried out by Anti-abortion groups in the 1980’s .
Like the Oklahoma bombings the clinic bombings are terrorist actions because of their political motivation and civilian targets. In addition to homegrown terrorists there is a very real threat from the outside world.
International Terrorist organizations have two reasons for attacking the United States, the elimination of political and economic influence over the region of concern and the elimination of America’s cultural influence (Lutz, & Lutz, 2011). With these goals in mind, these organizations carry out operations against America and its interests. As stated before, Terrorism has been around for a significant amount of time however, since the 1990s it has been dominated by a significant trend of growing lethality and violence (Cole, 2011). Although attacks became less frequent they were becoming more indiscriminant and incurred even grater civilian casualties. This culminated in 2011 with the attacks on the World Trade Centers, which left 2,996 dead. Out of those only 55 were military personnel (Lutz, & Lutz, 2011). The attack provoked the invasion of Afghanistan and influenced the decision to invade Iraq. This Provocation tactic has been used by terrorist organizations to develop a rift between larger government organizations and a populous. As government works to respond to and protect from a terrorist organization, actions

taken by security forces alienate different populations (Lutz, & Lutz, 2011). An example of this the increases of anti-American sentiment in Pakistan in response to the U.S. drone program . It also provided the opportunity to continue to carryout attacks on the U.S through an insurgency operation. This escalation of events shows a need for continuously more dramatic attacks in an effort to spur continued action. Because a plan like the hijackings that lead the success of the 9/11 attacks are unlikely to be successful, this leads terrorist organizations with the problem of finding new ways to create mass destruction and civilian casualties.
Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats provide the organizations that are willing to use them with the ability to create mass casualties and significant collateral damage. The use of these types of weapons is not new. In the 1970s, there were two terrorist attacks involving the use of CBRN weapons . A Group called the Arab Revolutionary Army Palestinian Commandos...

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