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Ccj 101 Essay #2 "Where Justice Is Denied" Nau Ccj 101 Susan Hannon Essay

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CCJ 101 Essay #2
In this modern day and state, regardless of one’s political views, an everyday American can agree that there is an issue with the criminal justice system in the United States, including myself, who is a very big supporter of law enforcement. The issue is alive in our country, and unfortunately, it seems as if it will not be resolved anytime soon. While I believe that the Justice System has greatly improved over the last 60 years, it still is nothing close to fair and perfect, and most likely never will be. Although I strongly believe the majority of law enforcement officers, and legal officials are honest, compassionate, and hardworking individuals, there is always the very few “bad apples” that cause the greatest issues, and their image reflects on the entire body of a group. When Douglass said “where justice is denied,” this was most likely referencing back to when he was well alive, which it was very common and prevalent for a black man in the mid 1800s to be denied many things in society, and even denied justice in the legal system. For example, depending on what state that a black man resided in, a white man could most likely get away with murdering a black man with no legal consequences. Although the act of murdering was illegal, thing such as that were “swept under the rug” back in the day. In another instance, a white man could rape a black women and even if she chose to report it to whatever authorities were present, law enforcement would most likely not even take the instance into consideration, simply due to the fact that the victim of a crime was black. Fast forwarding one hundred and fifty years, our justice system and equality has severely improved from what it was. As obviously in the United States, nobody is going to get away with blatant homicide, period, regardless of skin color. However, there is still clearly an issue when it comes to justice and equality. Even though I used the instance of black citizens being denied justice, that does not necessarily make up the entire majority of individuals who are denied justice in the legal system of the United States. Lack of justice and equality is not only reserved to black Americans, as I believe that Americans of every race and skin color face prejudice and inequality. To support that, there has also been instances where white men have been wrongfully accused and denied justice when the majority of that local system he is processed in is made up of a minority-dominant body of officials....

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