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Cedric Price Essay

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Y: I appreciate that you compare Cedric Price with the other architects about concept and design; I Have some questions about your simulation, I think it is interesting and based on some thought about
Y: I have some questions about your simulation, actually this kind simulation is quite interesting, I understand it is based on some thought of Cedric Price, but I am wondering why you did this? I think if you conduct with this kind of simulation, you want to verify some concept about Cedric Price, I am not so convinced what is verified? what was confirmed? Could you explain the relation between this simulation and his formal work (his original design)
T: explain the simulation. compare what is Cedric Price's work and immediate feedback, ....
Y: If the Cedric Price said the qualitative feedback is quite important, maybe you will devise the numbers or the frequency of the feedback that if you can should some instance feedback case is better perform than the other cases, than probably that can be the verification of your state. So if you have those kinds of relationship than I can understand why the rather one is so important and how they are related. Science that kind of relationship is missing for my opinion, so I am a little bit pazzd that of the feedback will show should take

Ima: I think your computer code is so interesting that can make many beautiful drawings.
Maybe you have found Cedric Price's concept had related to some kinds of computational design, so I think your originality is that you found the Cedric Price's thinking relate to computational design, but I feel some problem about that your simulation whether it is correct or incorrect, it is a mystery. How do you estimate that your program is correct or incorrect?
T:What is
Iima: So you haven't estimate the system,
Ithink if you call your works simulation than you have to estimate the resolute, so I think you shouldn't call that is simulation, it will be the wrong term, I think you should change the name.

Kuma: I think the influence and program of Cedric Price is so isolated and independent, you did the comparison with his generations and Peter Eisenman, because the computational design recently is very popular, which related to parametricism and mostly infleance from him (Eisenman) as the main strum of architectural design. Is there any influence from him (Cedric Price)?
K: Example of your comparison is limited in British architect, How do you think about Alexander as an open methods also very important for that time, also he has lack of morphologic approach what do...

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