Celebrating Hawaii In Hawaii Without Discrimination

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In Hawaii, there is a school system called Kamehameha Schools. It is a very hard school to get in to; the admissions percentages are “6.4% to 14.7%” (Kamehameha Schools) . The first school was founded in 1884 by princess Bernice Pauli Bishop. It became successful with the vision to “keep Hawaiian culture alive by teaching younger generations” (Kamehameha Schools). Their policy is to give prefrence to native Hawaiians. Today, they have served over 6,900 students of Hawaiian ancestry. They mostly don’t accept people who are not Hawaiian. In 2003, a lawsuit was filed against them because they denied enrollment to a non native three times. They follow this non native policy because they believed it was the right way to conserve. They believe that native Hawaiians don’t have as many opprotunities as others so this school is a way for hawaiians to experience their culture and improve their well being through education. Although this is a good idea to try and conserve the Hawaiian culture and the well being of native Hawaiians, there are many ways to keep culture without discriminating. Other schools and activities have proved this.

This school started to become an idea when princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop noticed the population going down; in just a few years the population went down almost 40%. Pauahi felt “responsible and accountable” (Kamehameha Schools). In 1883 she inherited money from her cousin. She wanted people to continue living the Hawaiian way so she used her property

There are other ways the Hawaiian culture can be and is conserved. For example, every year in Kauai there is a celebration that includes traditional Hawaiian games and food. It is a gathering to celebrate the Hawaiian culture. It features a “parade for everyone in the town to join in and celebrate” (PBS). Fishing is another way that the Hawaiian cuture is continued; it is a sacred tradition. Everyone in the east Maui community is involved. Early in the morning once a month, fishermen and other community members gather together to catch fish. They send a few people out on a boat to place the net while the rest stay on shore. The people out on the boat send a signal to the land and say that the fish are here. Then they bring the net to shore. Everyone gathers around the net and collects the fish. Mihely means to buy and share with the community. Many people believe in supporting everyone around them. Fishing is their way of showing respect, hard work and family. This is one example shows that there are other ways you can share traditions to keep them going.

A school in O’ahu, called Kapalama was founded by queen Emma in the late 1800s. She started this school to give girls a quality education. ...

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