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Celebrating The Life Of Samuel Monroe Taylor

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CELEBRATING THE LIFEOFSAMUEL MONROE TAYLORSaturday, May 17, 20031:00 p. m.As I look out over this gathering, I see a whole host of family and friends who have come here today to celebrate the life of Samuel Monroe Taylor.You may have known him as aNames of Samuel Monroe TaylorSon Formal designations:BrotherMr. TaylorBrother in Christ/Child of GodSamuelTrusteeFriend Informal designations:HusbandSamFatherSammyGrandfatherDadUncle"Papa"Co-Worker"Baby Brother"Namesake of the biblical"Uncle ...view middle of the document...

g.When my sister Shirley was born in 1953 He was home on leave from Korea: "Look like to me ya'll need to get Muriel to the hospital;hurry up and get that girl to the hospital"- every time for Shirley's b-day and any time in between3) "Hey there!"4) "Don't jump up and get married, got to give me time; let me know in advance; don't let me know at the last minute; I'm getting too old for surprises5) "Pres Wolf" his buddy for life: Laurel & Hardy/Abbott & Costello- where one went the other was not far behind; they were inseparableHow he helped us:1) Driving lessons: down long one-lane driveway / Miss Blanche/ Mr. Pres Woltz; took us to get our license using his car; on the road lessons;he sat in the back while nieces took over2) Critiqued boyfriends: Rhonda's prom date; why did the boy have to show up at Uncle Buck's in a lime green suit3) Escorted me down the aisle nearly 21 yrs. Ago4) Food he prepared/ Blessed the food/ "Are we goin' to eat like this again tomorrow?"GreensLamb and gravyBeef hashSalmon cakesFried apples5) Trips to the "country" -to visit the Woltzes, cousins John and Novella(Never complained about us never being on time.)Thank you's:CardsFlowersPrayersVisitsLoveYour presence here today to us celebrate the long and fruitful life of Samuel Monroe Taylor whose legacy continues.

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