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Tradition plays an immense role in people’s lives, and has been among us ever since we can remember. The tradition’s role has helped us remember the importance of family and the bonds it creates. It that has been around for centuries such as the ones commonly known as Christmas, Halloween, thanksgiving and many more. My tradition called O.D.E.M. was created in 2007 by my family. We are the first generation to begin this tradition within our family and with world. My O.D.E.M. tradition began in 2007, today’s tradition has changed, and I have the hopes of passing it on to my future children.
In 2007, O.M.S.D. tradition came to my family and me with a purpose that we practiced in the past. Although my father did not share the same tradition with his mother and father and neither did my mother. My grandfather had another family he would spend time with, leaving dad alone; while my grandmother had sent my father to boarding school; he ...view middle of the document...

Then it hit me, we had created our own tradition. I had notice that it was happening every month on the first day, so it must have been a tradition. Since my parents didn’t shared it with their parents, then we had made our own tradition.
Today, this tradition I share with my family is important but it has also changed. It is important because it has brought us closer. The way we use to live before this tradition was horrible. It felt like I was just living with people that I called parents. My parents were always working and we really didn’t spend much time together. Once my parents had finally created their own restaurant, they were able to make time for us. Although it’s just the first day of every month, it’s really important to me because we get to bond. The date has not change but the things we do has. Not only do we eat and chat for hours in the restaurant, but we also go out to other places. We spend the rest of our day together. We visit a museum, go to a park, watch a movie, go to an amusement park or even go to the beach. I remember that on the first of February of this year, we went to eat and watch the movie frozen.
In the future, I would like to pass our tradition down to my children so they could to keep it the same and to pass the positive message of the tradition. I want to keep all the same not changing anything; I want pass it down to my children because I can celebrate the first day of each month dedicating it to my children. I want to pass the positive message that our tradition has. Our tradition is about bonding together and knowing about each other. Giving time to spend with them and celebrating together. I will not modify the tradition because I feel like it’s already perfect the way it is. I will keep it the same showing the positive message to my future children.
Since none of my parents had a tradition they shared with their parents in the past, we created our own tradition. Although the tradition we have today has changed, it is still important to us. My children will have the same tradition as us and know the positive message I holds. It’s not big like the other traditions and I haven’t heard of any other family sharing this tradition. It kind of makes us unique in some way.

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