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Celebrities And Gossip Essay

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Celebrities and Gossip

Have you seen the pictures of Madonna and her baby yet? Have you ever surfed the web and stumbled onto a site about celebrities? Probably so. There are thousands of sites on the web about celebrities; their official web sites, pictorials and biographical information. You can’t even go into a supermarket without being bombarded by tabloids.You can’t listen to the radio in the car. TV shows and whole networks rely on entertainment and celebrities in the news. VH1, MTV and E! are excellent examples of this. Many people make their living off celebrities and their personal lives. But why does this need to be explored? Producers and journalists say they are only making and reporting on what the people want. The general public say they only watch and read this “news” because it is so readily available. Lets face it, it would be easier to find matches for “Madonna and her baby “ on the web than it would be to find “biological engineering”.

First, lets define the “news” which we will be exploring. Sensationalism is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “subject matter that is calculated to excite and please vulgar tastes. Also, as the journalistic use of subject matter that appears to vulgar tastes. This can be applied to a variety of news-gathering media. Print: be it newspapers, tabloids, or magazines, audio and visual: be it TV specials, daily and weekly shows, or through the radio with shows such as Howard Stern, or even electronic: through the World Wide Web, can all involve “the journalistic use of vulgar subject matter”. It is nearly impossible to avoid “journalistic sensationalism”.

But lets focus on a more specific facet of sensationalism. Where do the children of celebrities stand in this issue? How are they affected by the invasion of the media into their private lives? Celebrities can hardly protect their children from the media. From direct harm to more indirect, the damage done by the media can be irreversible. We can find examples of this through Chelsea Clinton, the children of Princess Diana, and the children of Frank Gifford and Kathy Lee. Now these celebrities might have brought the harm on themselves, but the children did nothing wrong.

Take for example, Chelsea Clinton. Yes, her father is the president and the family must expect a certain amount of invasion by the media. He is the most listened to man in the world, so his private life will always be a part of the coverage. There are times where his family is in public together for intentional reasons. For example, when he ran for President and his family was close to him for support and for the purposes of him looking like a grounded, normal, family man. The exposure of his family was brought about voluntarily, but this is not always so. The country was kept up -to-date with Chelsea’s life even after she went away to college. As a freshman in college at Stanford, Chelsea attended classes, went out on dates, and had fun like any other college...

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