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People were not exposed to barrage of news about celebrities a couple of decades ago. Mass media is becoming more garden because of rapid progress on technology day by day. Thereby, people are substantially interested in the private life of celebrities, and some of them are obsessed with celebrities. They desire to know everything about them. For instance, who is dating with whom, where they are shopping, or what they wear. In a word public have an endless hunger for more information. However, the public doesn't have the right to know about every single detail of celebrities' private lives due to several reasons.
Celebrities have a right to have their own privacy, and the paparazzi had better not be allowed to restrict their lives. Furthermore, photographers and journalists must not be permitted to make news that can influence celebrities' success adversely. The rights of celebrities for privacy have always been abused, so ...view middle of the document...

The media damaged his prestige by revealing his most negative action. As a result, the release ultimately made Chris Brown adjacent to the great jinx. In addition, celebrities' children are also victim of media since their parent are public figures, and it makes them famous and target for mass media too. They have struggled with drug, and alcohol problems, and even depression which results in suicide. For instance, Marie Osmond's son, Michael Blosil, left a note saying that he was depressed and committed suicide by jumping from eighth floor. ("Marie Osmond's Son's Final Words" 1).
News executives allege that celebrities might not be famous without publicity. The main factor is that famous people need to corporate with journalists and photographers in order to be popular. Celebrities choose to be famous so that media comprise large part of the life which they chose. Media help the celebrities become more famous and successive on their occupation. They earn a lot of money as a bi-product of this attention. If there was no media, there would be no famous celebrities. However, there are in some circumstances exploited by the media which can lead to a negative interpretation from society like the case of Chris Brown. The paparazzi and media chase these people to please their own audience and make a living. Thereby, celebrities are not able to enjoy being in their own home that ordinary people normally do after a long and hard day at home. They deserve to be left to their own devices in their daily regime without the fear of paparazzi interfering and attempting to take candid photos of them.
To conclude, I do not really agree about the whole public should know every obvious detail of celebrities’ private lives since they also have their fundamental human right to remain their privacies. We should behave toward celebrities the way that we would like to be treated. Moreover, the mass media should be responsible for all of their articles, otherwise this might bring the whole society some negative influences. The media work would be worthless if the public stopped paying attention to their articles.The media work would be worthless if the public stopped paying attention to their articles.

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